New Music: Chamillionaire “Go Getta”

go getta

Cham Wants It All.

With his forthcoming Poison still in the works, Cham puts his ambition in full drive on his latest release. Produced by Beat Bullies. Cop the track on iTunes now.

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  • Alex

    I feel like Poison will never come out. Everything since the label issues (Ammunition, Reignfall, Elevate, freestyles, etc…) have been fire but it just doesn’t seem like he’s building much or any hype whatsoever which is mad disappointing since he’s got so much talent

    • Dios

      this is just a beginning yo. don’t be so overzealous and you’ll that his talent is still in his hands

  • jpat

    Super dope

  • James Chamillitary Marlar

    another dope record by the mixtape messiah

  • F14 ABE

    I just bought this song on itunes. I gotta support artists like cham who backup what they say on records. Cham is one of the most ambitious and dedicated people i was lucky enough to meet. I really enjoy when cham mixes his singing and rapping on songs.

  • Dios

    Wow King Koopa spitting fire. Again.

  • Julio Torres

    This song is straight fire! that hook & beat are crazy dope, already purchased this on itunes 🙂 Poison coming soon!

  • The 256

    Very dope stuff, always glad to have new songs by Cham!

  • Sipan Kazaryan

    Been bumpin it since it dropped. Really good song to ride to. The beat is nice (salute to BeatBullies), hook is catchy, Chams lyrics are great. Song is on fire! Can’t wait for his new song tomorrow and Poison album.

  • Ede O.

    Cham’s hooks are always on point… the production by the Beat Bullies was raw… looking forward to Poison!

  • Levent Mehmet

    I cannot wait to bump this is my car tomorrow morning. This beat is too much!

    • Greg


      • Levent Mehmet

        I was shaking my head too, it’s called bopping 🙂

  • Had to get it on iTunes. Super dope song. The beat is great too!
    “Took my style and laced it with poisonSo the jokes on you if you bit it” – Chamillionaire

  • Caimac

    Pure dopeness!

  • Gotta dig that story telling and play on the hook – a little different approach this time, which I don’t mind one bit.

    Everything lately has been super dope, super fresh, and consistently different from each track, but yet each one has that same feel, that same vibe, that irresistible feeling to just turn it up and let it bang. Hate waiting for Poison, but love getting these songs consistently.

    Get this on iTunes and check out all the latest releases on the official site,

  • Brian Cockrell

    Another Banger from Koopa & Beat Bullies, Show support on iTunes

  • Erick Ogas

    This is a different sound but I like it! Chamillitary Mayne

  • jessie jones

    another dope song #chamillitary

  • Justin Moss

    Hook is nice, lyrics are on it, and beat goes hard. Overall a really dope track!

  • Ryan Tilis

    Cham be killing the game – #poison –

  • Omer v uxbridge omer v uxbridg

    Guy continues to just put out quality music all the time.

  • mistabig

    Clean beat, hook on point. Once again another banger from Koopa

  • Tanner Borud

    Cham keeps dropping dope tracks. Can’t wait for Poison!

  • YunG Solo

    It’s an okay song, hook was dope but I think the verses just didn’t pack a punch like Cham usually does on single releases. But i rate it a 4

  • Shawn Tisdale

    Yo cham and the bear bullies is like Montana to Rice lol ima say this all the time haha

  • Stephen T.

    Hell yea! Storytelling at it’s finest … this is real rap! go support on itunes! Can’t wait til Poison!

  • Tru Dice

    Pure dopeness man anit no body killin like chamill! Got my love and respect from chicago ya boa Tru Dice!

  • Hir5ch

    Most underrated!

  • xx601_Boyxx

    this is a dope track…..the hook is nice and production is also….cham>>>

  • Oozzyy23

    Dope track! Cham always delivers dopeness

  • Tazz

    Some more fire I see.. this goes hard

  • JonScatt

    This is that motivational song! So dope! Poison on the way!

  • bfarber

    I love this track. It’s definitely one of my favorite recent releases from Cham.

  • santiago nieblas

    a killer song chamillionaire out did his self again

  • Justin Carlson


  • Kris Haney

    Cham on a roll with this one. Dope beat + dope lyrics= Instant smash!!!

  • Noel R.

    Fire track!! Has me pumped up to put in more work, I can definitely relate to it. I want more of this, can’t wait for Poison.

  • TheKidBrian

    Boys better quit sleeping on Chamillionaire, man. Definition of underrated.

  • Logan Vaughn Kregness

    This one sounds like Cham’s older stuff, I like this a lot.

  • You can tell that Chamillionaire just doesn’t care as much as he did about music anymore.

  • Peter

    Onother song by Cham & Rapid Ric is coming today!

  • 44wade

    In my opinion Cham is in the same place as 50. I think they are both
    still making dope music but it’s not the kind of music thats popular
    with the masses today and don’t seem to wanna change or compromise who they are.

  • Tyrone Sampson

    Sounds dope. You can’t dislike Chamillionaire. One song, he’ll speak some of the realest lines like in Slow Loud & Bangin’, and in another he just has fun. Dude’s the true definition of a versatile artist.

  • Davon Dicks

    mayne talk about replay to get the full complete concept..
    his lines go over alot of ppl heads the first time around|
    thats mad trill..dope song

  • Afig24

    Nothing to write home about, but a catchy chorus and smooth flow can always keep my attention

  • Juanmiguel

    Chamillitary Mayne! Another dope song, the beat is really dope. The lyrics are on point. Can’t wait for Poison to drop

  • Slick

    Another dope song. Cham stays coming with that fire after fire after fire. Great job.

  • Paul Avendano

    Speaking of being a go getta, thats Koopa all of the way! He brings the heat with this track and just showing the people that only remember Ridin that hes going to poison everyones mp3 players again!

  • Alex Godoy

    you know cham has been going hard on everything lately