New Music: Lupe Fiasco x Ab-Soul “Thorns & Horns”


Rap Really Really Good.

Lupe continues to treat his fans with more new music and trades bars with TDE’s Ab-Soul for his latest release.¬†¬†Tetsuo & Youth coming soon.


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  • aboynamedandy

    Is it me or do Lupe’s beats always sound like they were made in ’08?

  • cannon

    when i seen lupe and soul i was like *click* play

  • it’s the roc

    Mind Blown!!!

  • NightBlazer

    Shoutout to the niggas that have the earphone on the left ear while watching porn and having the right ear exposed cause it’s used to track any sudden movements

    • You a faggot for commentin this on a hip-hop song, on a hip-hop site. Take that shit to WorldStar wierdo Smh Move out moms crib B.

      • NightBlazer

        You’re a faggot for trying to promote your wack ass music on this site. Nobody gonna sign you nigga. Kill yourself

        • Show me where I promoted my music dickhead? LOL Your feelings got hurt cause your a faggot talking about porn underneath a song. SMH Go take out your mothers trash B.

          • Shout to Skin Diamond

            Porn is for fags? Niggas say anything

          • Where did you see me say that? I swear all y’all niggas dumb as fuck in these comment sections.

  • Toy-T

    Lupe is the GOAT

    • There’s Only One Johnny Rocco

      You got some white stuff on the side of your mouth bruh. Wipe it quick before girls come.

  • Chronic

    Lupe fuckin killed it, and soul with another dope verse

  • Matt


  • I haven’t been this excited before i actually pressed play in dummm longgg.

  • So many metaphors & homonyms in this shit it’s fuckin ridiculous. Tell me you didn’t rewind more than 5-10x & you LYING. Salute to these niggas. #TIMELESS

  • DesiJatt

    soullo need to drop a album or mixtape manggg

    • sho

      soon come

  • polopolo1

    Smh I mean this is okay I guess I gotta accept that lupe is never gonna be as dope as he once was. Hurt me soul had the best flows ever I’ll take my gems and be happy

  • Uno

    Im sorry i dont feel this………. this beat ruined it and i expected some hiphop shit

    • Wish it was tighter

      Sad to agree with this, I expected some far out shit this was just kinda cool for a few plays/lyrical treats

  • John Jay

    DOPE! Always good to listen to lyricists in these days & time

  • Enock Saint Juste

    You fuckin kiddin me?? raw

  • Showercap

    Lupe and Ab-Soul are your favorite rappers’ favorite rappers. Admit it niggas. God MCs in the building.

    • Cmon son

      Nah Nas doesn’t look up to either of these niggas. They tight tho, bless

  • ECU

    Didn’t see that comin.

  • guestpostan

    Man this is dope. Hook kills it and the flow and lyrics/metaphors are so on point. Fuck I haven’t heard something this dope in awhile.


    Shit’s alright…Y’all acting like this the second coming of jesus or something. It ain’t ralph tho. Beat is average at best and sounds like it was made 10 years ago.

    • fuckrapTDEandGibbsisallthatmat

      Goood, beats today are shit. They are over produced.. They are made with the radio in mind. sad really, rappers used to not care about the beat. The words brought us in. Now I guess when you listen to liars(ross) spoiled brats(tyga) idiots(Lil wayne) and r&b singers posing as rappers(Trey Songs Drake Chris Brown Justin Bieber) Then you need overproduction to make up for lack of artistic artists.

  • The Almighty


  • Chrisalejo

    In TDE on bars, it goes soulo, rock, ken, isaiah, and Q.

  • Black jew

    They killed it !!!

  • Vince Mack’n Man

    Pt 2 of this is on Tetsuo and Youth I bet. This version keep saying “this version for Ab-Soul”

  • Da Bo$$ DON Givenchy

    bars, metaphors and wordplay is all that i need. this niggas always give me that