ScHoolboy Q ‘Oxymoron’ Tops Charts

The Hip Hop Improv Show - The CMJ Edition

Album Of The Week. Give it up for the man of the year. Come tomorrow, ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron will land at the top of the Billboard charts with an estimated 138,517 in first weeks sales. Congrats in advance.

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UPDATE: 139,000

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  • Batman

    Pretty sure Top Dawg was looking to sell 200k, but can’t even deny the progress he’s making. Habits & Contradictions only sold about 5k first week and has only sold about 50k copies as of today!

    Album was absolutely dope Qunicy, glad to see people finally recognizing you and keep putting in that work! #WillYouSellThatPussyForMe?

    • Word

      With the singles he’s had (all good, but only mildy successful), 200k was a reach. I think this range makes sense and is very good cus some didn’t even think the album would drop. Continues to show what a strong core fan base can do for sales these days.

  • jinx

    Salute to Q, Soul U up Next.

    • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

      yea then hopefully k dot w/ that mean sophomore

      • Extra Domus

        I think soul will come after kdot – and ride kendrick’s wave like q did…

        • Trillionare

          That will be there best bet Ab-Soul has no buzz at all, lets see if they can do it a 3rd time!! I love the TDE grind!!!

          • BCE

            Souls been killing feature after feature. more and more recently to that common joint. smoke dza and lupe in like a month

      • Matik

        Schoolboy Q confirmed 3 or 4 days ago K.Dot’s sophomore album is dropping in September, no title yet

  • The wise

    Theres not a single thing that stands out , about this clown..his music is bland..who mixes hippy with gangsta..cutt the act nobodys feeling ya who ever comments next ..dont tell me a lil over 100,000 is alot cuz i will laugh

    • Noe/Edub

      Nah we’re just gonna tell you to shut the fuck up.

    • hiphop_opus

      you go somewhere and listen to papoose with your wack ass comments. Puffy that nigga!

    • Omer v uxbridge omer v uxbridg

      name someone whos debut this year,without a cheesy commercial single, has sold over 100k in their first week. Also shut the fuck up

      • intelligentsoul

        its March though

        • Omer

          true, what i meant to say was over the last year, but im guessing most of those people had a cheesy single and dont represent quality music. Im not a real big q fan, but the album was good and he looks like he will grow as an artist. No 1 is selling music any more because a million people just bootleg and torrent it, so 100,000 is 100,000 more than “the wise” or i could sell. So i must respect the effort and so should the wise

    • Belize

      go by the ross album then hahahahaa

    • Hip Hop Orangutan


  • BlueScalise

    TDE Black Hippy is what Hip Hop is about. Jay Rock last shit was the truth too

  • Belize

    Solid ass album…been bumpin it all week.

  • Jay

    Considering Big Sean hasn’t hit 100K sales in first week for either of his albums, I’d say Schoolboy Q did just fine.

    • krow132

      number 1 album is more then just fine. No real big hit either

  • OKKK

    Willing to bet if dude had “better singles” he’d push more units. I havent heard one track on terrestrial radio, only Satellite. And Shade 45 let him have a day playing shit, so dude has his outlets but that only listen to FM radio demographic Is wondering who’s trying to “Break The Bank” IF and when it comes on.

    Havent yet, but im coping this this week.

    • krow132

      Collard Greens did decent on FM. Nothing extravagant but it got some spins

    • Johnnie Rawker

      That STUDIO record is gonna be a killer if they give it the right push

    • Hip Hop Orangutan

      What…? Collard Greens is ALL OVER radio here in Canada…our Virgin pop station plays it…. Heard it to and from work today. Also Man of the Year is getting spins up here too, as well as Break the Bank starting to break through on a couple stations. Even if you arent trying to hear it, Q is getting spins. I love it, huge TDE fan. but to say he isnt getting any spins is kinda cray to me when in a medium sized city in Canada he is all over?

  • polopolo1

    Damn man, I mean this is decent but I honestly thought he was gonna do 200k at least. Meek mill sold more and he is sooo garbage

    • Hip Hop Orangutan

      By now I’d thought people would have stopped equating sales with quality….

  • PoorHomieeQuann

    nigga started out as kendricks hype man and now he pushin over 100k thats actually good numbers these days remember nas last album sold 149k i know thats kinda sad but yeah… considerin Q didnt have a single killin charts or anythin this is good numbers

  • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

    hopefully it will do half a milli in the end

  • GreenBergs

    i dnno bout these numbers, but i purchased it…

  • Aha

    Good for Hip Hop bad for US

  • NightBlazer

    Real niggas go on XVIDEOS and have 3 tabs of pornos and never make it to the second video

  • NightBlazer

    Honestly I listen to this album from beginning to end 3 TIMES and it still wasn’t what I expected to be. Q said he had that mean gangster album like GRODT but it doesnt come close. AM i missing something? It’s a dope album but isnt a classic IMO 8/10

    • d-wop

      he didnt use westcoast beats, but the lyrics are gangster as fuck