New Music: Big K.R.I.T. x A$AP Ferg “Lac Lac”


Cadillac Records.

Big K.R.I.T.’s digging in the scene with A$AP Ferg for today’s “Week Of K.R.I.T.” installment. Produced by the man himself, the track finds K.R.I.T.’s surving his surroundings from the cockpit of his old school. Only thing missing is a sunroof drop.

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  • M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I!!!!!

  • king_koopa_2414

    from the delta to meridian……#SIP

  • Kourtney

    Awesome!!!! I loooooove me sum K.R.I.T. !!!!!


    Krit is so dope. #WEEKOFKRIT


    Definitely fuckin with this…

  • rapper2freedom


  • MoneyBoys601RBE

    KRIT, SANT, LOSTARR, KORLEON, JOKER all holding the SIP down!

  • 44wade

    ooohhhhh feeling this joint

  • nerd

    bangin dat shit on the way to school

  • GreenBergs

    wtf is asap ferg doin near big krit?

  • Richie the grizzly 85

    Jeesus, this shit goes hard!! Krit never dissapoints. Cant wait for his next project

  • Juice

    Ferg really suprised me on this one. Never thought I hear them collaborate. I’m not disappointed either.

  • LivePhive

    This is the closest thing this generation will get to a “Bone Thugs n Harmony” feel… #CLASSIC

  • SD #ash Tag

    Damn this shit ride. OPEN YO MIND

  • it’s the roc

    This is illll. This definitely needs a video!

  • KRIT is the most underrated rapper out there. Never heard anything but classic music from him.

  • Andrew

    his album’s gonna be crazy

  • splifffnesss

    I cant take anyone from ASAP after the dress fuckery that Rocky is all about. That album blew major ass.. skrillex? most of the songs for women? fuck this shit that aint rap. man asap had the best mixtape i had heard in years. prolly since D2(dont let that other shit fool you since then its been all bad J. Cole 50 meek mill wale all that shit was gay as fuck)

    dont even get me started on krit. if he stays behind the boards ill fuck with it but when he raps its below average at best.

    smfh i hate the rap game nowadays.. thanks to schoolboy q for taking me back but the rest of this shit is ass. especially the facade k dot lamar. I dont know one person who actually bought that album.. oh wait.. yes i do.. only females. and internet fanboys.

    yall treat this shit like star wars or star trek it aint that gr8 anymore. it was from 95-2005 but since then when acts like d4l yung joc and dem franchise boys came out a lot of fake shit became able to sell(tyga soulja boy and so on) and yall let it ride.. Thanks for killing hip hop.

    • Cam


    • nicoswebaby

      It’s like you didn’t even listen to the song you fuckin troll, A$AP Ferg is not A$AP Rocky, and this is the best I’ve heard from Ferg in a long time. And yes LIVELOVEA$AP is one of the best mixtapes ever. K.R.I.T. below average? Man you need to get up from the rock you live under.

  • Kasper

    Wooo. Wasn’t feeling the other two leaks at all tbh, but this one goes!

    Dope beats, dope rhymes, well executed song.

    Krit shoulda saved this for his album I think.

  • Rod Rell Brown

    You sampled the scarface “now I feel ya” beat bruh I salute all hail the K.R.I.T’s of today and history’s past!!

    • Song is hard. It also come from Earth, Wind, Fire song called Devotion.

  • Krit always on point.

  • Dee Jay

    This song is amazing. Love the beat, so smooth.

  • bare essentials

    Meridian Sippie…In indiana tipp’n

  • Mike Warren

    nice bone/do or die sound. great song.