• wavegod

    wow wow wow wow …. this nigga spitting on a new level wow

    • MannyThoughts

      Whats new? Wasnt that the Versace flow?

      Not saying it was completely wack. Its not a new flow though.

  • Street-Fame

    Summer Jam…MMG & G.O.O.D music untouchable

  • Chris M

    This is the single he was searching for for Hall Of Fame. Go figure …

  • What are you guys retard’s? he had this version before he gave it to rozay..

  • Alex Cooper

    I’ll admit he got bars on this but he will NEVER not sound annoying… his voice is just hard to listen to.

  • SD #ash Tag


  • basedboy909

    this verse was on the actual song but it was cut. Travis Scott mentioned it

  • Dre


    • Bean Dip

      Papoose is ass.

  • NightBlazer

    Real niggas go on XVIDEOS and have 3 tabs of pornos and never make it to the second video.

  • taeg90

    Ricky Rozay probably bought this track off of Big Sean….Artist Do That All The Time.

    • Dwight Stewart

      As if he gets everything else for free. what point are you trying to make?

  • urrrr


  • brza

    can’t get past this guy’s voice

  • brza

    lol *passed

  • zero

    Big Sean killin !

  • Viva La Raza

    Drake flow..
    straight DRAKE FLOW
    mad contradictory statements..
    he has moments but I cant rock with dude..

  • Mr. Smith

    Damn his flow just crazy. First Quarter now this drop. gGood Sean is showing why he a problem in this industry,

  • MMG Suede

    Kanye verse better idc Mastermind in stores now bruddahs

  • zadaq

    #BlackBradPitt though