New Music: D.King x 360 “Never Do”


Do Listen.

This hit in the inbox several days ago and has been on repeat since it landed. In fact, yours truly played it yesterday on Shade 45’s All Out Show. The soulful duet belongs to Baltimore upstart D.King and will be featured on his upcoming EP. Produced Squiz.

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  • BMoreCareful

    Oh this shit is crazy hot!

    • YungQuevo404

      Maybe in Baltimore… thumbs down.

      • MoreMusic

        Thumbs down at BMore? Watch ya mouth son…

    • Quevo404

      never heard of either one these dudes. ever.

  • OVOsFinest

    soulful. 360 kilt it.

    • Sundance20

      Tru. Like 2see DK do a song w/ Drizzy. His flow + Drake singin = hot shit

  • Boosie Free!!!

    Damn this feels good

  • Mac Diesel

    DKing sound hungry… cool voice.

    • 730Dip

      I have known about DK since he was with Babygrande at 17. He sound waaay more commercial now though.

      • Dabull215

        I remember that babygrande mixtape, think it was ‘King Me’

  • No.1Hater

    Fire. Surprised.

  • musicsnob

    Best new shit in a long time!!! # radio ready

  • DJ Coganc

    BDot was right. On repeat.

    • funkybeat73

      Seen wearin a flowing du rag the other week lmao #weoffthat song is smooth tho

  • AVsFinest

    Straight fire! D King’s flow is nice.

  • I Produced this track!! Follow me on Twitter and IG: @squiztheProd

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    • BKMadeMe646

      beat is the worst part of the song. a sample with no bass or breakdown. give that shit up.

      • Thanks for the love!

        • 215to240

          U obviously confused young bull… Come wit dem hotter beats #BMoreOriginal

  • $$Mastermind$$

    ? think I saw dking on worldstar last year.

  • Snoop718

    Sounds like what hiphop is missing. Beat is crazy!

    • 305thebest

      Right. Saw this guy on worldstarhiphop. Big ups to the Jigga man fa raising these rap niggas

      • veganruss

        Good point. Hip hop needs more mentors like that

  • Lucky

    Good work. This is hot!

  • BNorm

    Good Shit! The beat is hot!!!!

  • Respecthegame

    Man this song is epic. What hip hop has been missing!!

  • Bignsmall74

    Isn’t this Jay-Z’s protege from worldstar? Cool song. Salute to Jay-Z for being a real boss & mentor (unlike dancin diddy or officer ricky)

    • Lkappy718

      lol @ jay z protege yea right

      • Aweekago

        U must not be in tune to the streets, smh.
        “I forgive u… hustlin just ain’t u.”

        • StuyHigh929

          D.King actually adds even more street credibility to a #BOSS like Jigga. This a good look for Jay

  • kanye west

    b dot the bloggers brother is back.

  • porter

    that hook is terrible. this shit garbage B. never heard of either of these niggas and they both trash. waste of my 4 mins!

    • Trippylife

      Waste of my two min smh

  • drok23


  • DaCheeks

    Hot Record! Cant wait to hear more!!

  • Babygrande

    Bout fuckin time this nigga came wit some hot fiya. Heat rock & the beat knock

  • AtoZ

    Oh wow. Hip hop needs more music like this, too good 2betru! Takes me back to when it was just Dre & Nas doin it