New Music: Wale “King Slayer”


Game On.
Coinciding with the season premiere of Game Of The Thrones (April 6), cable network HBO is stepping into the mixtape game with a 10 track tape featuring Big Boi, Bodega Bamz, Magzeen and seven others.

Kinda ironic that a subscription based channel is releasing content for free. Here’s one the songs from Wale. Download in full April 11.

1. Big Boi – “Mother of Dragons”
2. Magazeen – “Iron Throne”
3. Bodega Bamz – “Win or Die”
4. Kilo Kish – “Magical Reality”
5. Daddy Yankee – “Born to Rule”
6. Dominik Omega – “Arya’s Prayer”
7. Snow – “Fire”
8. Dee Goodz – “The Parallel”
9. Common – “Interlude/The Ladder”
10. Wale – “King Slayer”


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  • Slime Flu

    way to ruin the intro for me WallAY

    • Dwight Stewart

      its the last song but it ruined it for me too.

  • poetic assasin

    Ironic or weird?

    • Dwight Stewart


  • poetic assasin

    This shit go hard!

  • polopolo1

    Wale needa slow it down, he be saying hard shit but sometimes u literally can’t hear this nigga

  • Cmon

    It’s actually coincidental, not ironic, but this isn’t the place for journalism.

  • Dwight Stewart

    Corny concept. i dont even wanna hear it.

  • MMG Suede

    Double M, Mastermind in stores right now


    I like this joint.

  • FreSH82

    That hating on Wale shit getting kind of old my nigga.. This was dope, dude went in on this one, but the hating trolls stay lurking…Smfh

  • lalooo

    listen at your discretion might cause serious migraines like most wack lays songs.
    king slayer? what king? youre a burger! puns intended