• Jte

    “technical difficulty”

  • Arthur Fonzarelli

    Did he forget the words for a second? I mean it is a new song but still.

  • jizzle


  • Slime Flu

    what a joke

  • Jon Long

    How come diddy n rick Ross never use bad boy artist red cafe for anything? He puts them on his songs but they never put him on anything. Btw, after all these years since the battle ended. Ross crushed 50. 50 hasn’t been relevant musically since 2007. Ross has just the opposite. Like Ross or not. That’s a fact.

    • BlackAnastasia

      07 was way before the beef started so your statement makes no sense.If 50 was irrelevant since 07 that means RickRoss had little to nothing to so with his decline. Ross will never have 50’$ money.That rap game runs in cycles and after 30million sold after just albums 50 was due to fall.At first Game supposedly Killed 50.Haters need to make up they’re minds.HopHop is garbage anyways when a barely Gold artist like RickRoss gets all of the praise.SMH.

      • D

        How did Ross kill 50? If anything Ross was getting crushed from every angle by the fact he was fraud and his skirt was being pulled up. 50 was destroying him in the public. Since his record lable had invested so much in Ross the PR compaign began. Meaning they would pair him up with every player in the industry to give him credibility, including Jadakiss who would give him street cred. Next they would feature him on every song imaginable as a marketing tool to program the listeners to a point were no songs official unless Ross is on it. Ross had an GAG order not to resond to 50 at the time because 50 was killing him exposing him as a fraud. With the perfect marketing plan in place, mission complete. Thus dummys saying Ross destroyed 50 when in reality it was the perfect plan by the record company to clean up the situation and keep Ross in the game. I will tell you one thing this coulden’t of happend when hip hop was pure. If you was a fraud it wouldn’t of mattered what kind’s of beats you picked, or if you could make a good song or two. You would be done.

      • BR

        Who cares who has more money than the other. Both of them paid. Keep it about music. You must a teenager to argue who has more money. Regardless if he had the date wrong, the point is Ross been growing in music and 50 Cent has declined for whatever reason. BOSS!

  • MMG Suede

    Have to admit this was a bit shameful, white be lookin at my homie like whyyy we let this niggas free lol I joke but Mastermind out now my bruddahs

  • Dwight Stewart

    muting the cus words

  • Vagtastic

    at 3:30 hypeman starts yelling like pee wee herman lol

  • GreenBergs

    damn french gnna go bald in a matter of years if they continue making him wear those hats..