New Video: YG x Drake “Who Do You Love”

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House Party.

Thots will be thots. And when YG catches his girl cheating, he takes his anger out at Drake’s pool party. Gotta love that. YG’s debut My Krazy Life arrives March 18th.


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  • Dwight Stewart

    Drake is a groupie. he loves searching for the next hot record to be on. Granted he normally has the best verse but still, that’s groupie behavior. You wouldn’t naturally see a Drake and YG vibin’ together, doing shit.

    • tpayas

      Fam, are you retarded? More like the other way around. Drake has had the most buzz and mainstream appeal in hip-hop for years now. People hop on Drake’s dick for a verse or a hook.

      • Dwight Stewart

        The Fuck are you talking about!? Drake admits to searching for the next hot song to ride out with for the upcoming summer. he said that on an interview after he jumped on that migos joint last year.

        • Donn

          No one cares!! Press play and enjoy the music. Fuck all that other shit.

    • GIG

      lmao if u dont know hip hop dont speak pleaaaaaaaaaaase

      • Dwight Stewart

        lol, what the hell you talking about don’t know hip hop. Drake’s style is more Pop Hop than hip hop.

    • Los

      No disrespect but this is the dumbest comment I ever read on this site bruh get the hate out of your mind and realize what drake is doing for yg he is showing luv he don’t need this record

      • Dwight Stewart

        You didn’t read what i wrote, you are reacting because i said Drakes name. YG is the hottest thing coming out of LA, signed to Def Jam. Im a Drake fan, but Drake admittingly searches for the next hot record of the summer to jump on. its smart business but its not natural collabs, thats groupie behavior. I didn’t say it wasn’t hot. Drake isn’t helping anybody, if they aren’t hot before Drake they won’t be after Drake. Migos is a prime example.

        • Los

          Bruh what are you talking bout my thing is what makes it a groupie thing drake been fucking with yg look at I’m a real 1 groupie attach to shit because it’s hot he been fucking with yg on the come he just helping him get the mass appeal and nobody was fucking with migos until that versace verse now they are out here poppin give credit where it’s do I agree it’s a lot of groupie shit now days in the rap

          • Dwight Stewart

            fair enough bruh. but that last thing i’ll say is this. Migos are on the come down not come up, they’ll be forgotten this year as soon as turnup rap fizzles out, and back rap takes over with the whole kendrick and j.cole vibe. i give props to Drake for finding a hot track and and making it hotter.BUT, that will be last time he ever does work with the Migos again. I’m simply saying thats the type of shit groupies do. they fuck with you when your poppin.

    • Trillionare

      Smh…. Drake shows a lot of people love and with him being on songs the artist is getting even more looks cause drakes on it… I don’t see how u can call that being a groupie helping other artist…Drake has put a lot a lot of artist on the map and pushed them over that hump just from a verse.. Not a groupie just showing love

      • Dwight Stewart

        you feel that way because your a drake fan. Drake isn’t poppin on the west like he’s popping on the East. YG is the newest thing outta DEF Jam which is an east label and he’s from LA. they both benefit.

    • EQUIPTsmif

      Considering drake jumped on a yg song way before all this pre-album hype, I would say that their relationship is genuine and it’s a smart move on both of their parts.


    I’ll be the first to say majority of YG’s lyrics are hella basic but the overall approach and the bounce his song’s have is undeniable! 4Hunnnnnid! LOL

    • Trillionare

      U hit that shit on the head… I dont know what it is about this nigga songs but they knock!!!!! Im thinking its the chemisrty beween him and Mustard

  • Will

    That video is pretty Dope!

  • haann

    This video is dope, drake season isnt slowing down anytime soon

  • truth

    Drake just getting ready for another dominant year.

    • Norbert

      So y’all gon’ act like he didn’t steal a whole verse smh

      • Cmon

        You acting like he stole a whole verse smh

  • taeg90

    It plain and simple to see he just showing love. Point blank period… BITCH WHO DO YOU LOVE?

  • yorapper

    Drake is so out of place in this and yet he raps way better than every nigga in this.