Game & LA Kings “Tim Westwood” Freestyle

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Big Homie Exactly What You Not.

Along with the LA Kings, Game marked his territory over at Tim Westwood’s crib in the UK. During their cypher over 9th’s “Threat”, Game threw a shot at Fif and reacted to Suge.

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  • West West

    Game bodied this shit easily! Diarreaed on Suge!

  • Non Fiction Dixon

    Yea Game killed this shit. He could have left them other niggas at the hotel tho!

  • Hussle

    Game still dope!!! Them other niggaz ass though

  • Y.O.

    games best performance was on a change of heart that shit was classic

  • Dan Karlin

    Game has some serious fuckin’ talent. If only he weren’t allowed to do interviews, his career would be much better right now.

  • fullyautomatic

    Game is da only nigga I know dat said all Kardashian name & Kanye in his freestyle…lol I still fucks wit u Game

  • LOL

    Game killed it, those othe niggas is wack

  • Baback Kashani is a fag.

    50 can’t spit like this but of course he’s “The Great Songwriter” though. Probably somewhere with Adam Levine and Maroon 5 penning some heat for the streets… Ha!

    • Hussle

      10 hours and nobody think you’re funny

      • Baback Kashani The Homo.

        Sometimes the truth is not funny my dude

  • BlueScalise

    Game killing this freestyle wont resuurect his dead career. His last album sold what? 300,000 with half the industry on there.

    • Non Fiction Dixon

      His careers not dead. JP didnt sell because of blasphemous album cover but it was one of the best albums of that year. His career is nowhere near dead if hes touring overseas as we speak.


    That nigga after game “oh it’s my turn? Shit” lol

  • JMcL

    game killin it per usual, la kings u fukin blow thats why game left the room lmao

  • Gunplay’s Chain

    is he capable of making a rhyme without mention dr. dre or 50 cent?

  • Gunplay’s Chain

    wattup with the dude behind him wearing the BDSM mask?


    i can’t stress enough how bad these clowns after game r … OMFG they make Trinidad James look good .. OMFG they FUCKING SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!! They should’ve edited them .. OMFG the FUCKING SUCK

  • Blizeeee

    “Im a G, Haha, Im just kidding. I ain’t no gangster.” WTF?!? LA KINGS WACK AS FUCK. Follow us on Instagram…

  • DialTone

    Word….!! I haven’t heard Game sound hungry like this in a while, He made it hard for these other dudes to spit. I know they was trying to freestyle off the head but when you’re not that good at it the shit will show. I need Game Rapping like this from now on!!!

  • pRoc

    My dude Game a killer