New Music: Lil Boosie x Webbie “Wartime”


What Time Is It?

Bad Azz prepares for battle and reunites with Webbie on their new ditty. Catch Lil Boosie’s Atlantic press conference live this Monday for his big announcement.


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  • NightBlazer

    This nigga straight up garbage. I dont understand how niggas think he’s nice. Dude voice and wordplay is weak ass hell. They should have kept this nigga locked up doing laundry or getting violated.

    • killmovez 313

      You a hateful ass nigga or cracka ?

      • LuckyP

        LMAOO probably BOTH

        • Sam Robilotta

          damn yall some racist motha fuckas. And this comment is hate too yall bum asses. Boosie is the shit looking foward to some new shit, yall go fuck yourselves tho

          • LuckyP

            ayyyyo sam. eat a dick

    • Live Nigga Theory

      he is pure trash …..


      You obviously waiting for that john mayor album

  • King Dolla

    this nigga still rappin over wack ass beats i see nothin has changed lol

  • PeopleNeverLearn

    Ugh…..really? Why do people think it’s cool to go to jail and then come back out talking that gangster shit all over again? Shit is stupid. People are in love with ignorance. 2PAC tried to teach you all something but motherfuckers never learn.

    • king hoover

      mannn stfu go preach somewhere else

      • PeopleNeverLearn

        Nah I’ll “preach” right here. People can hate the truth, but it’s still the truth. Gangster music is played the fuck out, unless you are approaching it from the mindset of a Kendrick Lamar or Schoolboy Q…where they’re telling you it’s played the fuck out. People try to build these superhero ideas of “gangsters” the shit isn’t either end up dead or in jail and if you want to do that keep enjoying the shit out of this. You guys don’t understand that the suburban white boys are really the ones who gravitate towards this shit..because they think it’s cool and be bumping it in their Dad’s ride…driving around thinking they’re cool, thinking that Boosies lifestyle is “dope” and “so hood”. GTFOH it’s 2014 and it’s time to move on.

    • LuckyP

      its still an art form nigga. the fuck you want him to come out as kirk franklin?!? he’s still got bills and financial obligations and a rack of fans to spend money on the shit you’re tripping over him spitting

      • EchoxHotel

        So that means rap about ignorant shit so you can pay your bills?

        • LuckyP

          if thats how you came in the game, yeah. sucks but his core fans aren’t trying to hear him convert to talib kweli

    • EternallySleepy

      Pac never learned his own lessons. Now, that’s really ignorant!

  • kushkidbigg

    This ain’t an official track it’s a teaser, boosie definitely still got bars that real niggas & day 1 fans understand. This beat and track been saved until he got released, so it might sound dated, but let’s be clear, every producer in the game flooding boosie with beats so he definitely will have some bangers. Just give the nigga some time.

  • REALLY23

    this shit sound old af

  • Richey Rich

    boosie will be str8 once he get come current beats

  • ♕ King Of Houston ♕



    Niggas on this post want lil boosie to go Mase now? Smh. Boosie music is raw and aggressive. Fucking dope.

  • EchoxHotel

    And when yall here him rap over that Im Stoner beat its gonna be pure garbage, talking bout he needs current beats,

  • luke1the3duke

    lmao dude goes to jail on murder charge and the day he’s out the mothafucka hops on a track talkin bout fuck jail ill murder you..
    ol boi definitelly learned his lesson lmao

  • Da Bo$$ DON Givenchy

    woo!!!!!!!!!!! boi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boosie bout to take over the streets boi!!!!!!!! tuff tune

  • Johnny Caruso

    I’m from Louisiana and they don’t even fuck with wayne down here “all they bumpn is boosie down here for ppl hating on the content of his art.why don’t they hate movie actors that get paid to play the villan.”same shit stop hate Also heard that big booty girl K Mieshelle on like 3 more songs on the album which reminds me of his song “booty talk” TD2CH July 15th