ScHoolboy Q Brings Out Wale In MD

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Bounce, Bounce, Bounce Fool.

ScHoolboy Q brought his Oxymoron trek over to the Fillmore in Silver Spring for two sold-out shows. During his second show, he brought out Wale for “Clappers”. Oh yea.

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  • Anti-Hero

    In 2010 Q tweeted that he thought Wale was straight garbage.

    • KILLA

      Exactly, that’s why I don’t get it. Not to mention when it was brought up later he still had similar feelings. To me it’s just weird how recently Wale wants to show him so much love. SMH. When Q was asked about it he was like back than I didn’t like his music but my opinion has changed going in to say his music was garbage back than too. Me personally, it just doesn’t feel genuine to have Wale on stage after he would be dissing him like that. I guess, people do in deed “change.”

    • Anti-Hero

      It’s funny because Wale was making better music 4 years ago.

      • BCE

        its funny cause q was hardly making music 4 years ago. and he way bigger than wale now. funny

        • polopolo1

          and how is he bigger than wale? i mean you can say you prefer schoolboy cuz that nigga is dope but this is his first album, wale has 3 albums out and one of em went a gold and a platinum single under his belt, and with tthat sinfield collab, im finna bet wale gonna do numbers mmg aint never seen on his mext album. oxymoron was a great body of work but wale shittin on schoolboy right now, sorry

          • BCE

            Shitting on. Q had a platinum plaque before he even dropped his album, regardless if its as a feature its a plaque. His debut album was #1 in the country sold almost as many records as Ross did last week.. So You are telling me that Wale is as big as Ross? I shouldn’t have said way bigger but when Wale only got brought out because Q sold out 2 shows in Wale’s city there is definitely more to it than Wale Shitty on Q. Sorry.

          • BCE

            And I like Wale.. Its not even that. But this is this mfs DEBUT album he sold out 2 shows in DC and Wale got the Call for the 2nd one.. Just to Change shit up

          • polopolo1

            I mean anything coulda happend, we really dunno why wale was only at the 1st show. But gifted was number 1 as well, and ross did 180, that’s 40,000 more than Q, granted wale is more ahead in his career ima have to give it to wale

          • BCE

            word i won’t hate. i just don’t think it’ll be long. TDE is a bigger movement than MMG right now.

    • kanye west

      its the truth though.

  • Hussle

    wale is wack

  • The wise

    I would never give my hard earned money to this bumm Q..fuckin always lookin like a fuckin dumpster baby!! Plys his albums hes a moron with no knowledge..he was raised in the suburbs but swears hes gangsta ..GTOH!! FAke ass rappers

    • flo

      no1 cares

  • Mastermind

    Joke niggas, smh. Weirdo cats.
    “Oh don’t make me laugh”

  • Dreamchase

    Dam, Wale makin rocnation look bad