New Music: C-Murder x Lil Boosie “Came 2 Da Can”


Fresh Out.

While Lil Boosie’s out the can, C-Murder remains behind the wall. But here on land, DGB releases this new track featuring the two Louisiana rappers. Apparently their working on a collaborative album entitled¬†Penitentiary Chances.¬†Tune into his press conference later today.

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  • Gunplay’s Chain

    Need to get Officer Ricky on here for a remix, he reps that prison life hard.

  • Mlange

    Wow, C-Murder disses his own brother (Master P/Silkk) in this. ‘There’s a limit fo sho’.

    • Y.O.

      Ye i caught that. Sad to see they still beefing.

    • Donnie

      “I used to love my own brother but, I dont love him no mo. Dont want to hug him no mo cuz theres a limit fo sho, thats why I tongue kiss that tec 9 n fuck that 44”

  • Y.O.

    When Boosie was out RR didn’t really pay him any attention but now they gonna be on his dick

  • Van Sertima

    This is dumb.

  • Van Sertima

    OMG this shit is TRASH…. no matter how much these idiots try to come to terms with the fact that they are straight losers in life. People need to listen realistically and understand that prison is really not what’s up. This “song” is about how people abandon you when you go to prison. Fucking jail bird rap is lame. Lucky enough to get out of prison – a person probably should try some different shit that might not land them behind bars. ijs.

  • inf

    They made that cover using ‘Microsoft Paint’?

    • Kingly_Caracter

      I think they used “Finger paint”…

    • maddogg20/20

      No Adobe Illustrator in Da Can

  • Kingly_Caracter

    Seriously…Ya’ll niggas really consider this dude “talented”…Amazing. To each their own.

  • HipHop-R-US

    No matter what yall think, this is still relevant, still considered real hip hop in my eyes. Because it does express the way they feel about a certain situation. What’s one mans trash is another mans treasure…somebody in the world is feeling their struggle and is glad to hear someone talented display it on music, real emotion…. some people forget what hiphop is about if it aint “conscious” to them, remember…art is only beautiful to those who feel its passion…otherwise it looks like a mess…stop hatin

    • Donnie

      Hell yea just cuz u dont fuck with it dont mean shit cuz this one of my favorite songs now. Goin to the joint my self n only having 3-4 people reach out to you when I was these niggas bodyguards n er thing. I feel this shit like im ma fuckin boosie or murder ol dumb ass niggas dont feel it then dont play it

  • EricHeisenberg

    LMAO C Murder? why?

  • Da Bo$$ DON Givenchy

    damn!!!!! this some real trill shit!!!

  • Da Bo$$ DON Givenchy

    damn!!! boosie bout to take over the streets. tuff real nigga tune

  • bfears

    how is c murder recording verses? over the phone? how is it so clear? i like the song but i dislike the beat.

  • Donnie

    Ma fuckas act like they know these niggas or somethin you dont know what really happened between master p and c-murder so how can u down c for sayin how he feels. If he felt like p saud fuck him then fuck him.

  • Donnie

    N who gives a fuck how they made it. Shits not about having a “cool ass beat” or sounded real clear n shit ita about how they feal in theor heart about real ass shit thats happend. Am I gonna down a nigga like Shakespeare cuz I dont fuck with poems n shit? No ma fucka so eat a dick n gargle the nutts if yall bitches got shit to say about the song

  • Donnie

    I got on hear to see who lil boosie was talkin about when he said when it comes down to sticky situations I was the first one he called but this nigga ducked my daughter at the mall “fist mistake nigga you forgot about Ms. Connie” I dont feel like typing out the rest but yall know what im talkin about