• Dashing28

    This is dope. Skrillex got range. It sounds like what you would hope a Skrillex and Chance would sound like, but not expect to get. Perfect blend of their very different styles. Almost Organized Noise-esque.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Fantastic!!! Well done Sonny!!!

  • Black jew

    This SxSW artist will be blowing soon #RivCity

  • Eddy Eyad

    Do you wanna … ?

  • jason hendrix

    Sound like a OUTKAST track.

  • jte

    The catalog continues

  • SD #ash Tag

    Acid Rap was one of my favorite tapes last year but this right right here is straight ass crack

  • McGrahamable


  • Chronic

    Hat fuckin beat drop though….god damn. Dope song, chance stays killin shit in his weird ass way

  • Extra Domus

    lol @ the cock shaped chicken skrillex is holding