• ya

    Cassie 2.0 but without a hit.

    • Batman


    • Clayton Bigsby

      Cassie 2.0 but with a career.

    • It’s Just Music

      Cassie 2.0? How much is Diddy paying you?

      Jhene Aiko’s feature on From Time shits everything Cassie has ever done.


    • BMG™ Prodigy

      Well she hasn’t even put out an album yet, just an EP, which has sold pretty well for an EP and it stayed on the Top 10 in itunes for awhile. Plus, I heard “The Worst” on the radio the other day. She may never sell like Beyonce or anything, but she’s building a fanbase up gradually and if she plays her cards right with her album then she may have a nice little career ahead of her. Cassie has a hit with Me & U and her career has been non-existent ever since.

  • EricHeisenberg

    how many covers do these people do per month?

  • NightBlazer

    Jhene is naturally beautiful. She doesn’t have to force it. Love her!

  • Ryuk918

    “Jhene Aiko is wet”
    Way to be extra vulgar to this talented artist for absolutely no reason. not cool, Elliot & crew.

    • michael fig


      • Ryuk918

        Your reply was the epitome of literary wit. Bravo..

  • Adrian Mills
  • srucker

    her voice is whatever and she no sex appeal at all. comes off like a little asian aunty that does nails at a salon in la..

    • TeF

      Makes no sense for niggaz to be hating on females with such vigor. That’s a weak ass look for you bruh. Head over to the Oxygen channel wit ya bitchass.