• .hustlemania.

    Fred got the best bars in the game

  • Jon Long

    I don’t think he has the best bars in the game but he is trying real hard to get put on. Doesn’t look like its gonna happen. He seems trapped in that maino uncle murda troy Ave cafe etc level of mix tapes only.

    • kanye west


      • michael Fig

        youz a faggot niga

        bitch boy

  • Hussle

    my nigga said blood and crip walk cuz she read that I blew. #bars lol

  • scenario

    So he just gonna take big pooh’s title huh?

  • chiraq don-p

    this dude bit that title from rappa big pooh of little brother he dropped like three vol. with the fat boy fresh title be original do your home work

  • michael fig

    dis nigga tape should be called “i got diabetes”