• Capuccino

    shitty beat, couldn’t follow it until the chorus, YG overrated too, not fair to promote him like that

    • Cmon

      This shit plain sucks

    • Blayer Pointdujour

      This beat lets the vocals shine.

    • AKbar

      i think he was the one the dudes with the 2 million dollar package promotion deal along with some other rappers.

  • Chronic

    King kendrick

  • Lezhenkin

    I can dig it.

  • Boo

    Got a cool west coast feel

  • Genius

    I wanna hear the album see how it flows. I don’t care for the hook, like the beat, flow doesn’t bother me.

  • styleofnostyle

    This shit is dope. West up

  • ITS ME

    The singles off this album have been pretty decent. And pretty catchy. I’ll definitely check this album out

  • brza

    Kendrick saved this record and the beat is cold

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    Man this beat is dope the fuck are yall talking about. YG did better than I expected & kendrick verse was dope, his versatility on tracks is unmatched among his rap peers

  • big

    Big krit??

    • OKKK

      on the beat right? thinking the same thing. If not, its his style.

    • Chrisalejo

      Yo forreal, did he buy this song off of him? It has the west coast synths, but like the YG’s hook and his flow sounds like Krit.

  • tlox

    average at best…I expected better TBH

  • Viva LA Raza

    YG killed this…so he has versatility?!?!
    Kendrick killed it of course..
    cold ass beat..
    YG really keeps impressing me..mad respect.
    I love to hear that West Coast sound flourishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 400

    YG 400 > Gansta Fibbs..

  • Balla

    Kendrick straight murdered this shit. YG was nice too but K.Dot killed it

  • Obla

    Kdot cole drake wale cyhi pusha (to name a few) >>>>>>> YG. Ain’t nothing special bout him btw k dot killed another feature

  • ET


  • Capuccino

    after following kendrick for a minute iv noticed kendrick tends to emulate whoever he’s featuring with, and thats y the quality of his verses varies. explains y when he features wit jay and em and push and fif his verses are dope but when he features with YG and etc. he underperforms. its not a knock on kendrick, but it shows that kdot don’t have his own authentic personal flow, so he copies how other mcs flow on the beats he goes at… just an observation

  • AKbar

    this dudes trash

  • ΑΛΕ ΙΣΚΑΝΤΑΡ-original-ThirdPro

    Every criminal is an IDOL.
    I don’t get that.

  • AKbar

    YG, RICH HOME QUAN, Yung Thug < Future

  • Carlos Danger

    yg just might have a nice album..this song screams west coast..

  • LookingAssNigga

    Kendrick keeps murdering niggas on their on tracks.