ScHoolboy Q & 2 Chainz “What They Want” At SXSW


Sa Prize.

Last night, Def Jam held their showcase at SXSW down in Austin TX. During 2 Chainz’ set, ScHoolboy Q crashed the stage for a live performance of their duet.


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  • GreenBergs

    this campaign is really sad, you see what you done did after over doing it with kendrick???this all yall fault…hope kendrick supporting the whole team..

    • polopolo1

      what r u talkin about

      • GreenBergs

        Ain’t nobody cared/cares bout schoolboy qs album nd the numbers were easily generated by interscope, similar with kendrick but interscope didn’t have to purchase that many copies..

        • Ryuk918

          Cool, now show us any proof to back up what you’re saying, random basement blog troll.

          • GreenBergs

            Don’t have to even if I had physical proof, and I’m not what u say lol.. but the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes.

        • polopolo1

          oh nah, i cant speak about labels buying albums back because i dont know how many they buy or what they base it off of. but the week schoolboys album was released i went to go buy the album, the lines were deep and when i got mine they started just dishing em straight out the boxes because they couldnt stay on the shelf long enough,

          and i went to the concert in DC, he sold out a second show after the 1st one, they had fire and rescue in that muhfuka cuz niggas was going so hard passin out and shit. bitches was going crazy, the shit i saw there, very well debunks your statement

          • GreenBergs

            Very interesting fables u have written there..they’d be believable only had u commented on this at all beforehand, this shit was on for mad long with 0 comments niggas don’t care bout schoolboy q right now, facts…ab soul I’m hoping does something biggg.

          • lame ass nigga

            “..they’d be believable..”
            anyone who says a label buys cd’s is pretty stupid imo. why the fuck would I believe that?

          • GreenBergs


  • Toni Strandman

    Q’s album is nice, fuck y’all talkin ’bout..