New Music: Childish Gambino “What Kind Of Love”

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No Love.

Donald can’t leave rap alone, but he does so here on this unfinished ballad which he has released due to its unauthorized sale on iTunes. The fuck kinda love is that, iTunes?

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  • marty mcfly

    Somebody tell this cornball to put on some damn shoes already, Smh. Its like years later and dude still aint put no shoes on and his music is trash. GTFOH

    • SD #ash Tag

      This shit is smooth and why the fuck are you worried about where and when another man wears his shoes. Looks like he’s at home to me, I usually take my shoes off at home too. Now you GTFOH

      • marty mcfly

        I didn’t say I was “worried” about anything. You sound like you a fan of this fukboy so you should know why I made the comment if you been following the nigga. You’d prolly lick his toes cause both ya’ll some homos but its enough weirdos in hip hop. This wack ass rapper can go now. He’s a fuckin actor and a cornball in general, and he aint hip hop imo.

        • F*ckboy

          And Rick Ross is what? Hardest out “son”? You are living in 2004. Just because you decided real hip hop is created by actors like Rick Ross and 50 Cent, doesn’t mean that real human emotion and experience is suppose to die. Prolly looking through your “CD Book” right now. Nerd. You’re the reason that terrible rappers that create a persona of bullshit end up all over the radio. You eat it up with a spoon and take a dump on artists that are actually living what their art portrays or are willing to do something different. Go away.

          • marty mcfly

            I dont think 50 Cent is acting. As far Ross? He calls himself a boss and thats not too far from the truth considering MMG. However you wanna slice it, if you wanna make comparisons? It would appear that 50 Cent and Ross are both more “real” and more “Hip Hop” then Childish Gambino. Now I dont think Gambino is ‘real Hip Hop” cause I think he came in and makes the artform corny but if we gonna be technical about, almost everything can be hip hop. If it exist in reality you could make the argument that its hip hop. I could say Paris Hilton is not hip hop but the reality is she’s a paid Dj that travels around the world playing music in clubs so in some capacity she is hip hop. Well Childish Gambino is the Paris Hilton of hip hop LOL just alot more corny. Even Drake sounds more hip hop then Gambino and he’s somewhere doing vocal warm ups for his R&B songs right now. You niggas out there walking around with no shoes on listening to Childish Gambino make hip hop culture come across as some hipster cornball music. FOH

          • marty mcfly

            And the nigga always wearing some female daisy duke shorts or just his underwear and with no shoes on and ya’l acting like thats some fresh shit or something. I seen an interview before where he said himself he doesn’t consider himself a rapper, he just somebody who raps but he’s not really a “rapper”… And you mothafuckas wanna throw this nigga in a conversation about ‘real hip hop”? NO

  • Eddy Eyad

    This has been out for months