New Video: Isaiah Rashad “Heavenly Father”

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Cold World.

Baring the cold weather out East, TDE’s Isaiah Rashad shares a few of his own scriptures in Civic Demo‘s new clip. Dear Heavenly Father, it’s cold.


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  • It’s Just Music

    wow this is dope!

  • MAB

    The south had their run and now its all about the west coast #TDE Isaiah Rashad diff will be on XXL freshman cover

    • Alex Cooper

      He’s from Chattanooga, TN lol.

    • _R


    • Selorm Amuzu

      lool classic!

  • Esco

    I love the song but hate the video smh what a waste

  • should be on radio

    great song! beautiful vocals from SZA

  • brza

    great song great ep

  • dookiedong

    yo the name of the album is “Cilvia Demo,” not “Civic Demo,” y’all STAY fuckin up

    • Slime Flu

      cilvia was the name of his honda civic though! i heard him say that in the breakfast club interview.

      • Only Salute The Real

        does that matter though?

        • Lol

          Nah that absolutely doesn’t matter, they still fucked up the title lol smh

  • jsmooth

    Wack vid. Dope song.

  • One of my favorite songs on the album.

  • Cmon son

    This video is fire & the song is dope…I’m late listening to dude’s tape but he’s got some real cool shit on there. I might like it more than Schoolboy’s album

  • Southcat843


  • Capuccino

    ima get dislikes for this, but… when he starts rapping, the kid sounds like mackelmore