The Throne Returns To SXSW


Gave What You Need.

As promised, Jay and Ye kept their promise for those in Austin last night with an exclusive show for Samsung. Hov and Yeezus took it back to their classics, their recent work including Ye’s “Drunk In Love” remix and of course Watch The Throne. Oh yea, and a Jay Elec sighting. ¬†Below are a few random clips.

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  • West West Yall

    SO DOPE!

  • CCXX

    i love the idea of this being almost a “pop-up” show. cool to see it revived for SXSW. the relevancy the album has maintained is insane. #legends

    • wow

      Relevancy? The album not so much… Jay Z & Kanye as celebrities yes! It was lackluster album overall and didn’t really stand the test of time if you ask me but will people still go ape shit for a throne performance of course…

      • eastpointvet

        i disagree i still listen to it on the regular if anything i think it got better over time

        • Keith Eades

          I concur!

      • Keith Eades

        Lackluster album??? Your buggin that album a classic like 5 mics!… I wish everyone stop looking at their status and just listen to the music they make!

      • Kevin Banks

        Watch The Throne was better than Yeezus and Magna Carta Holy Grail combined

  • C

    Smh at all these idiots just sitting there with their phones out recording. Just enjoy the show.

    • Caesar

      they are, thats why they are recording it you idiot, you’d do the same thing

    • HeyBuddy


  • kermitdahustla

    Elliott Wilson still stalking jay z smh

  • Trillionare

    Shit looks dope but I thought SXSW was for the indie artist

  • eastpointvet

    the funny thing about this samsung show is only the video posted from the iphone has good audio lol

  • facts

    the non existent energy from the crowd was puzzling.

  • Viva

    The motherfuckin throne! What an amazing show to catch in that festival setting, too dope. I think WTT has aged quite nicely, they didnt make shit deliberately for radio & it paid off. Between these two catalogs they could roc the stage all night. Cant wait for WTT 2!

  • Musikal

    The boy Jay Elect lives lol.

  • michael fig

    deez old booty ass niggas suck bruh
    they need to retire

    • LuxuryRap

      shut the fuck up

  • Dwight Stewart

    Kanye looking sexy as fuck in that skirt.

  • FreSH82

    Hov the biggest rap superstar ever!

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart