Behind The Scenes: Lil Wayne, Tyga & Nicki Minaj “Senile”


Oh My.

MTV caught up with YMCMB in L.A. this week as Tyga, Tune and Nicki began filming their upcoming video. Before Nicki’s blesses our eyes once again, here’s a first look.

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  • It’s Just Music

    I’m glad Drake stays away from these lames.

    • Yall niggaz really think drake feels the way you foos (internet niggaz) do about ymcmb? Let me guess you want him to be dick riding jay and ye? smh.

      • It’s Just Music

        Wow get Wayne’s skateboard out your ass.

        Only reason why Drake is still on YMCMB is because he is 100% control over his career on that label. He calls the shots.

        Why you think Jay was the only rapper on NWTS (standard version)? Drake knows only Jay can compete with him on this point.

        Took Drake 2 years to completely outshine Wayne.

        Why you think Drake was the one to announce Tha Carter V? Because Wayne and YMCMB time is up (except Nicki & Drake).

        • sean

          drake is there for life he sign his life away baby will never let him go, he can rap and hang with who ever he wants but baby will get his cut of the money

          • It’s Just Music

            you must of been there when he signed the contract.

            I doubt someone like Drake who has managed to be ambassador with the Raptors, sponsorship with Jordan, and OVO Sound getting signed to Warner Brothers would trap himself in that ignorant situation.

            Yet again, you must have personally read his contract.

        • nigga I don’t care about none of that shit, why you niggaz fascinate and obsess over these rap niggas situations is beyond me. As long as I get good music out of the deal is all that concerns me! You internet lawers and music managers swear yall know some shit

          • It’s Just Music

            when you can spell lawyers correctly feel free to debate back you closet homosexual.

          • Debate what? I can’t speak for millionaires or anybody on this earth that I don’t have shit to do with and I’m not getting paid to do so, why you feel the need to dick ride and evaluate a nigga life only a fuck nigga would understand

        • cannon

          drake is loyal to ymcmb because wayne made him who he is bro. drake hasn’t outshine wayne at all. drake came at the end of wayne career. that dude needs 10 more years of good music then maybe he might outshine him.maybe. drake makes bitch music, half singing half rapping and its straight sissy shit. if u think drake has harder shit then dedication 2, carter 2, drought 2 the leak, drought 3, drought 4,no ceilings, songs like demolition1,2, i told y’all, im me, gossip, bmjr then your trippin! and thats the honest truth.

          • It’s Just Music

            Funny you name all his older work.

            and i COMPLETELY agree with you on those projects you named, I played the shit out of those tapes and songs.

            But he has been straight TRASH after No Ceilings. It’s not hate it’s the truth.

            Drake has been way more consistent in a shorter time frame whether you believe it or not.

            Wayne did build Drake up to an extent and I respect that, but Wayne is an artist too and needs to release fire.

            Drake has released 3 consistently SOLID (notice i didn’t say classic) bodies of work.

            Tha Carter 2 was hard as fuck.
            Tha Carter 3 was above average.

            And that’s it for official albums, the rest are not worth mentioning.

            Mixtapes yes Wayne has several classics but I judge off albums, not mixtapes. Albums matter.

          • cannon

            i will agree drake has been consistent with albums but he hasnt made a bigger impact or NOICE then wayne has ever did. to me songs are songs weather they are on a mix tape or on a cd. i think wayne has at least 100 classic songs that can go on a “best of weezy cd” and im talking HIS songs not rapping on someone else’s beat too. there was point where wayne was so HOT that DJ’s like EMPIRE would leak all his original songs that he wanted to save for his future albums and he would make his own mixtape off of those songs and it made him a hot DJ. in the course of 05-09 wayne super saiyan every juice of rhythms he had in him and gave it to use for FREE not on a cd. i think he has fell off now… only because he ran out of material plus no lean lol listen if someone made a movie about HIPHOP lil wayne would be a interesting/memorable character without a doubt.

    • NightBlazer

      Facts this nigga finally realized his whole squad are whack motherfuckers. Notice how he contributed Trophies compared to the multiple features on their first young money album. Drake on that OVO shit, i respect that

    • Scott Notmescudi

      Wayne need to sign ASAP

      • It’s Just Music

        no he’s trash too. Wayne doesn’t need no more garbage artists on his team.

  • Hussle

    behind the scenes without nicki’s fine looking ass? SMH

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart


  • GreenBergs

    ymcmb just just cut drake loose already and make it official and sign chris brown…

  • Ocho

    so y’all just gonna tease us with the Nicki photo?? smh

  • THE guest


  • Ron


  • FreSH82

    Wayne been doing this shit so long he just having fun now, Dude almost died a couple times so I feel him, C5 should be some dope vintage Weezy I hope

  • me

    I wanna suck nikki minaj toes

  • I think the cat who made the decision to put Nikki’s pic on here to promote this vid with out her even being on it was genius. but I still feel robbed. very robbed.