I f*cks with Kid Cudi hard body while I have yet to listen to his new album and watched his performance and really liked the song but what that song is he is not Rap nor Hip-Hop let’s just be real. I am fortunate to have a broader appreciation for music so I can appreciate songs like that Cudi makes but again, let’s be real majority of the money, cash, hoes listeners are not going to be bumping this. LOL I respect his notion about being positive however, not everyone feels lonely or wants to commit suicide, some want to turn up, hit a lick, f* a bitch or brag about ish. That’s what makes rap great there’s literally an artist for everyone.

    • True

      agreed. there’s music for everyone. and not everyone needs Cudi’s M.O. to get through life. And even if they do, they might not fuck with his sound just based on the fact that it’s not hiphop or rap. I tihnk he’s categorized as that just because he’s black… which may be ignorant on my behalf but i can’t think of any other reason. My taste ranges everywhere from Johannes Brahms (neo-classicism) to The Beatles and Toro Y Moi to Waka Flocka and Kendrick Lamar… and for him to completely leave out Kendrick Lamar as someone who is pushing the culture forward and to boast himself as the only one in Hip Hop doing that, the cat is delusional and up on a very tall high horse. Look Cudi. I like Pursuit of Happiness and Day n Night.. other than that you can get the fuck on with that other shit.

      • stupidsexyflanders

        wow really?!?! those arn’t even his best songs and cudi didn’t shout out any other rappers because its corny to be on another rappers dick, especially on national television. people always bitch about how he should go back to rapping, but fuck that let him do what he wants at least hes doing something different instead of chasing a buck trying to make music for wannabe hipsters and those dumb bitches wearing tuques in the summer time

  • GreenBergs

    i really wish cudi would go back to rapping…

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Great New Wave post punk vibes, loving the Green Day shirt.

  • THE guest

    cudders looks like boosie in that performance lmao

  • ricky

    damn cudi straight son’d kanye at the end of that video saying there isnt any artists in hip hop pushing boundaries! ahah


    Never knew that was his actual message, bless Cudi with good vibes forever man.