• Hussle

    we waiting on the CRWN tho

  • McGrahamable

    He’s like the coolest dude

  • Your Father

    Come on now. How Wayne over 30 and still dressing like an Odd Future reject?

    • Cheechdon

      Because He’s Rich and Living the life of a rich Rap star

    • Kevin Banks

      Because most of his fans are teenagers, you think those people would still fuck wid him if he was rockin a tailored suit?

  • jeremyuii

    this guy always gives the best interviews… full of gems

  • Carlos Danger

    dude cool its just sometimes he gets in his bs mode but he will be remembered as a great..i hope C5 a classic.

  • Hoping for the best from Carter5.. Much respect to Lil Wayne.

  • It’s Just Music

    only if he showed the same personality and charisma when he raps recently.

    dope interview and the dude has impacted the game love him or not but he sounds bored everything after No Ceilings.

    Hopefully C5 makes me a fan again.
    The man does have tons of gems in his catalogue , we just need a solid classic.

    • FiveStar

      “make me a fan again”? Lol, what kinda corny ass fan is you?? Thankfully Weezy has enough real, GOD-fearing fans to keep him going. D5 go harder than ANY album from 2013. #realrap #richgang

      • It’s Just Music

        one of the hardest dick rider comments I have seen.

        “God fearing fans”?

        Good to know Wayne is still popular with white suburban kids.

        D5 is only a recycle bin classic, it does not touch any album of last year.

        You must be a fan of a man who talks about eating pussy in every song .