• Chronic

    Royce’s verse was dope, and crooked had some damn good lines

  • Slickvic

    Na the Yaowa had that one..joell never leaves me disappointed..no homo

    • Chronic

      It was off a song he put out recently though

  • MAB

    Torch from mmg interns at sway in the morning lol

  • Chrisalejo

    like a bitch with a dildo, you digging your own hole! lmao.

  • Toni Strandman

    Crooked I’s 2nd half was from his track Against All Odds.. dude always brings it but lately he been recycling alotta his freestyles with old verses or old freestyles..

    • Toni Strandman

      though I think he switched it up after that and really freestyled again, I didnt recognize it atleast 😛

  • #1 Pick

    Heather B’s nipples must be hard
    Microphonixxx – Dark Moon/Park Ave
    Out Now!!!

  • GreenBergs

    meh, lemme know when they put out a hot record.

    • Toni Strandman

      so you feel Slaughterhouse doesnt have a singel hot record out? For real?

  • kermit806

    they’ve always been dope, and they always will be

  • The Almighty

    “you heard what kirby just said”… lol