New Music: Jhene Aiko “My Afternoon Dream”


Sweet Dreams.

On her 26th birthday, Jhené lets her mind run wild on this new track produced by Key Wane. Says her:

Happy 3:16…for my 26th birthday I wanted to share with you… “My Afternoon Dream”.

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  • Christian Salilican

    “Ear Orgasm”

  • Piegelife
  • Slickvic

    Oh my god if I had to choose between her voice and heaven I’d invite Jesus over for wine and cheese and convert him to aikoanity

  • Johnny Bananas

    She sucks every one of her songs sounds the same, and the fact that she has a kid with Omarion’s little brother is beyond hilarious.

    • Definitely talking out of your ass bro she sounds amazing.

    • Slickvic

      I don’t see the hilarity behind who her child’s father fact i find it more hilarious that you know something so personal about someone you dislike so much.

    • TeF

      You sound a lot like some kind of loser she went to school with but never gave the time of day, now you spend all your time trying to convince people she sucks, but no one ever believes you because they have ears that work. It must be a sad life. Get over it, she’s dope, you’re whack, life goes on.

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      Agree, She has talent, and can sell a lot of records, but Queen status, maybe by todays standard ( which isn’t saying much) but as a “VOCALIST” Nah! Her songs do sound the same.

  • Eddy Eyad

    Jhene is so dope, freshest and smoothest female in the game! Cassie who? Beyoncé who? JHENE AIKO!

    • TeF

      Aiight I’m a huge fan too, but don’t O D, Beyonce is Beyonce, she earned that Queen status. lol

  • ThaReal

    Yo! Jhene Aiko is amazing, Sail Out is dope as fuck too! Don’t sleep!

  • ITS ME

    She has the voice of an angel.

  • Matthew Morgan