Rick Ross Performs At Fader Fort

rick ross


Alongside the 1500 Or Nothin band, Rick Ross performed at Fader Fort showcase last night in Austin. Aside from his previous tracks, The Bawse of course performed a few from his #1 album in the country, Mastermind. For those who couldn’t catch it live or the stream, the full performance is below.


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  • ChrisRR

    Dead crowd!

  • poetic assasin

    I never understood those that pay money to stand still …


    • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

      because they didn’t PAY to see fatboy perform

  • The wise

    Whats funnt is i seen rick ross whos music i actually like but even when i seen him at summer jam 2 years ago ..after nicki minaj set was over the crowd started leaving while hes performing…its weird ive never seen a crowd hype as shit to see ross…ever..but i cant front hes doesnt do shit to change any of his performances jus walkin back an forth ..well i think we all know he aint stage diving lmao

    • truth be told

      thats because you take away wayne drake jay kanye nicki andre 3000 dr dre.. even diddy OFF all his songs nobody would be fucking with them said tracks.

      take off said features off them said tracks and replace with members of the “untouchable empire” and nobody would give a fuck about 80 percent of dudes music and albums. FACTS.

      call it hate or whatever but mastermind was underwhelming. take off the features and replace with the “untouchable empire” roster and then we can talk.
      ross rides the surfboard just like his mentors jay and diddy.
      fuck outta here SELFMADE.

      • majormar

        I hate u hating niggas. I wish u wouldn’t exist. Black man making moves and u mad like ross really give a fuck.

        • stfu

          You mad? Stfu wont you

          • majormar

            U must can’t read lol. I’m not here to go back n forth wit u bout another nigga. Lethim make his moves from poor to rich and his niggas at least from poor to middle class. I love that type of shit oh u don’t? $tfu won’t u

    • MMG Suede

      Did you watch the vid or you just fishing for likes?? This is Rozay’s most creative set EVER. Ive watched all his performances and usually he just has the backing track, DJ Sam Sneak and simple lighting. This time he had all the colour lighting, smoke, one of the best live bands. Its no Kanye performance but damn he tried this time but lol your here for likes so its kl

  • NightBlazer

    MMG isn’t untouchable tho. Remember last year when they took so many L’s? Meek got killed by Cass, Ricky got shot up by goons, Gunplay got tossed around like a ragged doll and got his chain took, Complex exposed Wale rant.

    MMG = L

    • Justin TimberBAKED

      And after all that, you’re still online commenting on his videos, he still had the number one album. He still worth millions. Everybody takes Ls, but it’s clear he’s winning waaaaaay more than losing.

      • NightBlazer

        Ricky only drops albums when there isnt competition. If he’s such a boss then he should drop albums when Drake drops, Jay drops, EMINEM drops, but he cant. Dude hides behind “I got SIX #1 albums” but there are weak.

        • MMG Suede

          lol nigga do you hate your life?? Every artist drops albums when theres no competition every release date is calculated but whats funnier is this time he dropped it against Pharrel who is loved by white people and performs at Oscars. Dude chill

          • NightBlazer

            Yeah but Pharell will outsell him in the long run. All of Ricky fans bought in the first week and thats it. Pharrell will sell consistently every week. But also Cole moved up his date to match Yeezus. He didnt shy away from competition so your argument is invalid

          • MMG Suede

            Invalid cos of one artist?? lol and Cole moved it up as a tactic as everyone knew Kanye album was either gon be brilliant or piss and it was piss which meant people had choice to go for Cole + it created EXTRA buzz for Cole which was lacking and not really lol the reviews for Pharrel are quite average and his only single is pretty much Happy. You need to chill and love your life bro stop diggin for another mans downfall. It will never help bro I swear.

      • Patrick Wiley

        Not one of his albums is platinum. Enough said.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    from 184k to 35-40k this week. Fuck double wood this nigga album goin triple treebark!

  • The wise

    I see what u mean “truth be told” but belive it or not this album is pretty solid not dope as fuck but solid…u can sit through the album..he still has an ear for beats…

  • kermitdahustla


  • max

    hater will hate, jealous mother fxxxx


    It’s been quite the run for Ross. Five of his six major-label albums started out atop the Billboard 200, moving him into rare company. The magazine says among rappers only Jay Z (13), Eminem (seven), Nas and Kanye West (six apiece) have had more and he’s now tied with Tupac Shakur and DMX.