Tyler Arrested For Inciting Riot At SXSW

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Tyler The Creator was arrested yesterday for allegedly inciting a riot in SXSW. Police say the rapper encouraged fans to push their way past security during his show on Thursday, a day after the tragic hit-and-run incident that left two dead.

With a warrant issued, police picked him up at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport yesterday and is being held on a $3,500 bond.


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  • The wise

    Ahaha thats whT u get bitchhhhh! Ur a nobodys

    • OKKK

      a “nobody” can’t start a riot at THEIR OWN FUCKING SHOW.

      You don’t sound all to wise my dude….

      • The wise

        What sense are u makeing..use ur head!
        Thats like saying if u book a flight on a plane that its not possible to lead others to highjack the plane! Ur point is completley irrelavent!! Wake up its only tAkes a brain to lead sheep

        • OKKK

          uh, it takes a LOT more than a brain to lead sheep. Ask Jim Jones, any clut and or Scientology, or A N Y organized religion.
          My grandfather was a farmer.
          on top of using his brain to –>heard<– sheep, (cant really lead them anywhere since they don't listen.which is why anyone who knows anything about sheep have to do this next part) he also used a dog.

          Im not sure what point YOU were trying to make, but you started talking about planes so i'll let that Cessna fly over my head.

          Feel free to land that shit and clarify…

  • Guest

    dog let at his face lol

  • The wise

    He looks like a fucking clown

  • Chronic

    Starting a riot? Now that’s how you put on a live fuckin show.

  • NightBlazer

    Tyler is a crazy nigga, I wouldn’t be surprised if he uses that mugshot as a single artwork or album artwork

  • 8Galaxy5

    Look at that mugshot
    Hahahahahah he looks retarded

    • KooKooCal

      STFU He’s not a sell out nor does he give a fuck about u.. U might still take a picture with him & ask yo B!TCH Ta Join

      • guest


      • 8Galaxy5

        Well you certainly are kookoo
        I couldnt give a fuck less about this nigga,im not a fan of his music.
        Dont get all sissy on me cause your idol looks retarded.

        • Guest

          sounds like someone loves tyler the creator a lil too much… groupie

      • hasson

        sounds like someone loves tyler the creator.. get off his nuts groupie hes a subpar rapper that’s creative that’s it

        • It’s Just Music

          you must have a very low IQ to not be able to comprehend half the shit Tyler the Creator rhymes about.
          He’s one of the most lyrical guys in the game right now , hence why even Kendrick mentioned him on Control.
          Stop the hate

  • truthspeaks

    tyler is not aging well. he look ur retarded uncle.

  • Truth

    I heard he was performing his song called “Hit Somebody with a Car”

  • THE guest

    all these “real hiphop heads” hating on tyler rofl, hilarious.

  • AKbar

    Tyler, The Creator is trying to earn his stripes along with some of these small time criminals in this game. Good to see him actually put some effort in showing how to should be done

  • TheRealest

    I hate this guy so fucking much, damn! Frank Ocean is the only talented guy from Odd Future, Tyler and Earl are just fucking retarded!

  • The Almighty

    this guys an idiot and he shits on his fans whenever can… let’s start a riot about nothing, 2 days after that tragic accident… he’s lucky nobody got hurt

    • Chronic

      He was telling people to do it cause they wanted to see his show but no one else was allowed in…wasnt for no reason

      • The Almighty

        well excuse the fuck outta me, that’s as good a reason as any… smh

  • Ken ken


    • bodiddly

      He’s 23… What were you doing at 23? Performing for riotous crowds at a sold out festival? Or…

  • Jinx