Dame Dash Vs. New York Daily News

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That’s Racist.

Dame Dash is in the midst of a $1 million lawsuit with the mother of his child, Linda Williams. Outside the court house last week, he confronted the NY Daily News reports to give them a piece of his mind. More money more problems.

Why don’t you guys ever write about the good stuff about a black man? Why? Because you’re a racist Republican paper. That’s why. And I know it’s killing you that Obama’s in office. I know it’s killing you. And I know it kills you that you went to college to write for a paper that’s not credible.


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  • it’s the roc

    Haha Dame ain’t even pausin long enough for anybody to give him an answer. He just went in on them.

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      there is no response

  • kermitdahustla

    So Jay Z has got on the men wearing dresses bandwagon so when we will see Elliott and Brian in theres lol

  • West West

    Ashy Larry back!

    He sounds like a little b*tch! I thought he is a businessman and understands that the paper market is declining and you just sell stuff if it is scandalous! Don’t hate the player, hate the game! #PriceOfFame #ScarfHand

    • theghostofMLK

      You are clearly an employee of the NY Daily News trying to save face or a 7th grade dropout. You mean to tell me that that (your statement above) is all you took away from the exchange above. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this (on such a public forum like RR), but it appears your brain might be broken since your critical-thinking skills are non-existent. I really hope you have a trust fund ’cause if you don’t I foresee a lifetime of cleaning up after/serving others in your future.

      • spicy

        my nigga went in on u @west west

      • West West

        Thanks for replying.

        I did listen to what he had to say and what he said about them is factual but it is something that everybody knows. It is like reading a scouting report from a scout that is a racist. Why bother?

        You know how many celebrities walked to court and gave a sh*t? Why – because the gossipy media outlets are doing their jobs. And lets face it a Wall Street Journal or a New York Times don’t worry about Dame Dash going to court – why because Russia is wildin’ and a f*ckin plane went missn’ in Malaysia!

        I hope that explains my comments above a little more. And please don’t let us attack each other but stay with the topic.

        • teenagemillionaire

          You know the theghostofMILK is Dame Dash right ?

  • • Haze

    Dame West

  • Piege
  • cain45

    dame dash lol

  • Belize

    All I care about is how good i look….later #GoldJerryGold!

  • This that attitude the media needs, politically correct yet slight niggerish to keep shit funky. LOL This is why Jay distanced himself from son, he can’t conduct high business with a real nigga mouth around him like this. #TIMELESS

  • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

    Karma is kicking his ass.

    • wow

      Karma? This is the guy who believed in Kanye as a rapper… Dame Dash is due much more in the way of respect and support. The point he is making in this clip doesn’t only apply to him but guys like Jay-Z as well remember Barney’s. It funny how much people wanna see someone lose. I would only hope that the commenters are not black themselves bcuz we should know better.

      • Elproblemo Djblast

        well said

  • REALLY23

    Dame look like he sellin’ DVD’s, Incense, AA Batteries and them electric yo-yo’s.
    Dame look like Ace before LuLu put him on.
    Dame look like Dan Akroyd in the middle of Trading Places.
    Dame look like Eddie Murphy in the beginning of Trading Places.

    The video above is on repeat in the lobby of RocNation as a forewarning to all of Jay-Z’s future artists/execs…

    • ncprecise

      LOL… you are going places kid

      • REALLY23

        A little comic relief lightens up a tense situation.lol

        • Clayton Bigsby

          It wasn’t tense… you’re just not that smart is all.

          • Elproblemo Djblast


          • REALLY23

            I wasn’t referring to Dame and the reporters you imbecile. I was joking around with person who responded to what I wrote… The tension I spoke on dealt more with the polarizing opinions that the other people commenting shared.

  • Hello RapRadar! Why haven’t you posted about Dame Dashes business ventures and Art Gallery’s either??? Oh that’s right. You rather post about Diddy, Jay-z and Rick Ross’s Alcoholic beverages instead.

  • Abe6772

    He looks homeless

  • wow

    Dame is a real dude. It sad that Blacks in corporate america have to basically get on they’re knees to get anything and most of us are willing. This is a guy with integrity and thats y he’s been blackballed. We have endured so much as a people already and their is still a conscious effort to bring us down. Look at the Barneys articles on Jayz the daily news ran a few monthes ago they were extremely bias. Dame is speaking for every black rapper, athlete etc that get this racist energy. Dont think for one second that we are equal because we are not. Fair is Fair!

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    like it or not, he’s right!

  • tipp0183