New Mixtape: Jon Connor ‘The Late Registration Of A College Dropout Who Had A Dark Twisted Fantasy Of 808s And Heartbreak’


Universal Recognition.

Inspired by Kanye West’s discography, Jon Connor channels his confidence into his new mixtape hosted by DJ Drama. Download or stream the 20 tracks below.

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  • Alex

    this guy any good? I know he’s signed to aftermath

    • Toni Strandman

      Yeah dude can spit. go to and check out some of his mixtapes…
      or just youtube him. I dont know if he’ll make it big but that dont matter to me tho’.. aslong as he put out good music.


    Makes Kanye look like he writes children’s books! #connorseason

    • yeezus

      … this guy does not even have one album out … lets be real most of the people who saw this came here cause they saw the kanye associated artwork

      • EVENODD

        Salvation and Unconscious State were both albums. He put them out independently. He just signed his deal, I’m sure his label debut is on the way.

    • Im God

      kayne west was never lyrical though his beats and subject matter makes him stand out.even consequence exposed him for saying he wrote his rhymes

      • nicoswebaby

        And where the hell is Consequence now?
        “Kanye was never lyrical” GTFO

  • Trillion New Member

    Dude can go hard and spit with the best of them but i dont know if he can make hit songs. Hopefully Dre helps him.

  • KanYe2tha

    Hip Hop is alive and well in 2014!

  • Sir Murphy Steele

    fuckin up kanye’s classics. what a scrub

  • jaga

    Fucking dope, I’m amazed by this guy. damn I want album

  • NightBlazer

    “I came up on rap in the era when, beef got handled in real life not the internet”

    Realest shit

  • Im God

    jon conner is a lyrical beast who got bars.i will even say he is better than j.cole and Kendrick cuz I feel they can rhyme but nothing special.i just wish he had orginal beats but I know if he did this to j.cole beats or Kendrick he will expose niggas by destroying their beat better than them.he needs his own beats though

    • Chrisalejo

      get unconscious state.


      As a HUGE Kendrick x Cole fan, I agree. Connor can spit with the best of them, but his production choices are overall garbage. Interested to see what him and Dre are able to put out.

  • Cmon Son

    Dear Rappers: Stop cock surfing Kanye the nigga doesn’t co-sign or endorse you cats. All the angel/church/gold border motifs, all the weekly music releases….and straight up jacking the nigga’s production catalog just call it quits already. We don’t find you creative for taking all that man’s ideas and adding a twist of lime FOH


      FOH. Most Kanye’s shit was sampled from others and isn’t original. If anything Connor’s paying homage. Connor has done this same with Em and Jay’s beats as well.

      • RNAnonymous

        Hip-Hop was birthed off of sampling from other music. Everybody bites, its all about how you bite. This right here tho..kinda corny

  • kanye west

    this was a bad idea.

  • trymebiz

    God damn what the hell, this dude is incredible…