New Video: 50 Cent “Don’t Worry Bout It”

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Money Shake.

Fif’s back in da club for his new music video directed by Eif Rivera. Evidently, this was shot before Yo Gotti tacked his verse to the song. Don’t worry, you can listen that version here.

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  • David

    This shit is trash.. 50 can’t make club hits because he’s not in the clubs.. that was never his scene.. so how can he rap about something he never really did? Now “Hold on” & “The Funeral” are both hard because they’re street records and they work.. because its believeable and entertaining… he should take the Prodigy route and just give us street records.. cuz the club shit don’t work. sorry 50.. you just look like the old nigga in the club tryna get a young bitch.. smh

    • Trillion New Member

      whats his biggest track called ?

      • David

        its doesn’t matter, this is now, that was then.. We didn’t know him then.. theres a difference. A new artist can rap about anything with the right beat and it’ll take off.. now that we know him and he’s older.. it just looks corny.

        • KILLA

          Your point invalid…case and point Jay-Z. While, I think this song is okay, it might grow on me however, 50 has dropped some mixtape stuff in the past 2 years that definitely could pop off and be big in the club.

        • OKKK

          Saying that a man’s track called “in da club” doesn’t matter or doesn’t count is just flat out stupid.

          THAT plus the fact dude had the clubs banging with
          Disco Inferno, Just a little bit, I get money, Ayo Technology, and out of control.

          Now if your point was that 50 hasn’t been able to get a club popping song since this decade started, thats different and I and most people would agree.

          But to say he can’t make club hits shows you’re just kinda talking with no substance…

          His catalog disproves that.

      • cA


    • bcl187

      It’s ok rozay 50 will make more then mathermind!!!haasaa

    • Get Moneynigga

      NIGGA HOLD UP,HOLD ON.This ain’t trash my dog.It’ll grow on you.50 needed Banks on this track.This more his style.

    • iseerashonal

      but yet u listen to wayne talk bout bloods/ ross act like scarface GTFOH

    • AppleWirelessTS

      NEW KANYE!!! you know where you heard it 1st …

    • AppleWirelessTS got that new YEEZUS

    • AppleWirelessTS
  • Trillion New Member

    Didn’t like it at first but now i can’t get it outta my head. Track is to damn catchy and will eventually catch you.

    I see Elliott Wilson is still trying to blackball 50. No tweets talk or anything not even a rapradar post re tweet like he does, only 1 re tweet from 50 from 11h ago. smh.

  • godpleaseforgiveme

    lol nigga said 50 can’t make club records? u didn’t hear “in the club” “i get money”
    “if i can’t” tell me if Ross got any songs matching 50’s? lol “don’t Worry about it” is number 4 on hiphop charts right now, and it just came out today lol

  • 2dOpE4u

    I like it when 50 switches it up and does these tracks once in a while. Video is kinda boring but the track is fire, just bought this and hold on of itunes. Sounds great playing in my car speakers loud as fuck.

  • .kermitdahustla.

    I was on the fence with this track, after a few spins it knocks! You
    either extremely like it or extremely hate it, catchy AF! This is his
    “2014 hits standards” song



  • Get Moneynigga

    50 got a banger out here.Good video only thing is it’s missing that boy Gotti.This beat is more for Lloyd Banks than FIF.But I LOVE the bitches in this video.

  • ExBe

    Can’t stop playing this

  • bcl187

    Rozay is prob like ” SHIt I’m [email protected]

  • Get Moneynigga

    50 got bangers out from a street story like [The Funeral] to some classic gangsta shit like [Hold On] to this club shit.50 you 3 for 3 so far.Animal Ambition potential hood classic.

  • The Rock says

    Finally!, 50 cent has come back!, to the rap game…


    AUSTIN, Texas – Rick Ross still gets excited by No. 1 albums, but as he celebrates his fifth he takes satisfaction in different ways.

    Ross marked the ascendance of “Mastermind” on Saturday night during South By Southwest, drawing one of the week’s larger crowds in Austin during the annual music conference and festival.

  • Smoothg718

    Sounds like Fif trying to create a hit, would’ve probably reached if someone like SchoolBoy Q was on it…..or BANKS

  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    Damn BOO BOO this shit is BEWWW BEWWWWW!….. *Bumps Position Of Power*

  • ELZ


  • V.s,z

    The ppl calling this trash prolly the same ppl that let “Tom ford” be a hit… Just saying

    • spliffPPthetruth

      I have to piggy back off this comment. Although fifty has taken to the bent up bill on his hat which is a fag just like Ed Hardy, Von Dutch, There is like ten more. Right now its extra skinny jeans. Smedium shirts and black frame glasses. Ooo and plaid button up shirt. Man Al Borland is everywhere.

      Anyways im so happy to see 50 doesn’t dress like a fag. “gangster”:Rick ross camp do(wale) and ricky himself(skinny fucking jeans)

      I hope 50 comes back to prominence to end what has been a horrible 10 7-9 years of style and *swag*

      Let some of these hipster pseudo rich kids realize the error of the past few years and get away from all this fag influence.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    I’m not a 50 fan but this is good!

  • B_G_

    You niggas can’t even lie 50 been ice cold but this is pretty dope. It has potential to get a little radio play even though I think “Smoke” is suppose to be and probably will be the official single he pumps from this project since it’s produced by Dre and features Trey Songz. I was ready to say 50 was done but he may surprise a nigga.

  • Joe

    Give it up stans, 50 cant rap since 2004!

    • O.G

      You obviously haven’t heard his mixtapes smh

  • Dwight Stewart

    Was that Tony Yayo I saw?

  • Esquire

    Hov at 40 seconds lol…This Shit Is Fire! 50 need to stop wearing two tees without looking in the mirror though.

  • iknow

    this sounds good .. i admit BANKS wouldve been a better feature decission.that would be Hot..
    keep it g-unit. keep it street . i hope the cd is as close to Get rich or Die Trying as
    he can.its time for him to to take us back to that. i know he cant copy that but i believe he can still make street hits.

  • imjustaskingnohateoverhere!

    Didn’t 50 DISS French? Don’t French have a HTT SINGLE called No Worries or some shit like this?

  • FreSH82

    This shit garbage juice mixed with ass cheeks with a dab of wack sauce!

  • Toni Strandman

    this is trash… he says thesame thing all the time… and the lines in between the dont worry about it aint even hot.. I give this an honest chance as I will with his album but this shit garbage.. Hold On tho’ was pretty nice