New Music: Young Scooter Ft. Juicy J, Future, & Young Thug “Di$function”


What’s Your Function.

Young Scooter keeps it below on the Mason on this cut produced by Metro Boomin & 808 Mafia. If you’re looking for Future Vandross, he’s relegated to hook duties.

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  • So Icy Boi! (Official)

    Young Thug is on YMCMB now. he has da potential to be a hip hop superstar!! his style is so innovative. hip hop missed diz nigga. swag

    • EricHeisenberg

      can you explain your theory or opinion with regards of how Thug is going to be a superstar? how does his music sound different from Scooter, keef etc? back up what you say

    • Extra Domus

      NO, just NO….

  • EricHeisenberg

    this is absolutely trash

  • Extra Domus

    SMH at the Jay-Z jocking cover…GTFOH

  • IM730

    Trash. And i realy gave it a chance. Same ol tired ass long ass bars that EVERYONE is doing.. EVERYONE…
    I got dat money i got tha whip I think Im shining
    I use the same style versace versace overused timing..