Nicki Minaj ‘The Other Woman’ Preview


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Onika’s set to make her debut on the big screen as Cameron Diaz’ secretary in the comedy film, The Other Woman. Before it hits theaters April 25, here’s Lydia (Nicki) giving Carly (Cameron) some advice on dating married men. Peep the trailerĀ here.


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  • Clayton Bigsby

    1. Her acting looks like absolute shite! She’s playing herself and she can’t even do that.
    2. Her ass is way too disproportionate for a normal movieplex. They’re gonna need IMAX.
    3. How can we even watch this bitch objectively when all we want to do is jump through the screen and fuck?

    • Davey Allen

      nobody gives a fuck about your thoughts.

    • LMAO this shit is skraight gigglez my nigglez

    • T

      hatin ass…made sure you’re the first one to comment though…lame

  • Abe6772

    This is going to be awful, like her acting.

  • truth

    Looks great!

  • haha

    MAn this was she was meant to do. She killed that little scene

  • westbankfat


  • So Icy Boi! (Official)

    Nicki Minaj is multi-talented. you niggas say her acting suck, and you fag ass niggas says 50 Cent and Eminem are good actors. lmao… you niggas gay. I wanna watch Nicki’s ass. swag

    • Ehh

      Niggas are gay for liking 8 Mile?