• Fresh360

    YG has an unexpectantly good album.

    • Non Fiction Dixon

      Yes his album was classic. I thought I would be all party music

  • GroovyQ

    fuck YG

    • Hannibal Lecture

      Freddie Gibbs is that you!

      • Accounts

        Lol freddie gibbs is undeniably a better rapper than both jeezy than yg and jeezy and I fuck with all 3


    On the real tho: FREDDIE GIBBS talks a lot of shit right now. Claims to live in LA, now…….yet JEEZY is in town right now for YG’s album release. RIGHT NOW……..handle that, Bear Mountain. We’ll wait……..

  • Hannibal Lecture

    YG album is a classic hands down! My Krazy Life > Mastermind and the MMG catalogue

  • areal1

    Can’t front that yg album a West coast classic he doesn’t follow a formula he just made his music and put together a cohesive album with songs for every mood salute to yg and jeezy