New Mixtape: XV Sweet Sixteens

sweet 16s

Bar For Bar.

XV’s got more than enough 16s. And just days after letting theĀ Madness Begins, he drops a collection of freestyles over a few notable beats. Titles and download below.

01 The Bait (Bait)
02 Instagrammin’ Pictures (Luv Dem Strippers)
03 Hippie (DJ Richy Exclusive)
04 Dreams, Places & Faces (Never Been)
05 U Happy? (Happy)
06 The Learning Tree (Sing About Me)
07 One Gang (1 Train)
08 Watch Us (Hovi Baby)
09 Real I Am (Way I Am)
10 Another Illusion (Sky’s The Limit)
11 It Can Go Down (Send It Up)
12 Round Me (Pound Cake)
13 Everything Go (G’d Up)
14 All About Me (All About U)
15 Big (Villuminati)
16 L00K (Lookin’ Ass Nigga)

Download here

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