Wu-Block ‘Wu-Block 2’ Cover & Tracklist


The Saga Continues.

Wu-Tang and D-Block have revealed they are releasing the follow-up to their collaborative album on May 20. Until it arrives, here’s the artwork and its titles.



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  • spliffjones

    CD sees to be lacking Inspectah deck.. and anything that has the word wu in it and doesn’t have an inspectah deck verse is pulling a tough listen from me.

    • Chris M

      Also no Raekwon, Meth, or GZA. Strange indeed.

      • Michael Ibbett

        Gza on there…4th last track

      • ilexx

        No Kiss either… Nobody ain’t see that?

        He is obviously on the song dat features the LOX but no other features.

      • majormar

        Gza on there. Look again

    • LP1087

      Real talk, Cappa…..they might as well put Shyheim on there to.

  • Escobar

    Seems more like a Ghostface and Sheek album

    • BK James

      That’s how the first one was too, Ghostface and Sheek on every track with other Wu-Tang and/or D-Block members on most tracks. This on follows the same format but at least it’s a little more diverse this time around. Last one was solid, this is great news.


  • Belize

    Man I slept on the first album so hard..i just got to hear it a couple months ago and was super heated that it was so tough. def gonna be coppin this one when it drops

  • DAP


  • polopolo1

    Damn I guess my hip hop credentials are shit, cuz I never knew sheek was ever part of wu tang

    • DAP


    • Epul

      Are you stupid?

  • Epul

    No Raekwon and only one verse from Kiss

  • EchoxHotel

    Finally a 2014 album im looking foward too other than Animal Ambition and Cam’ron and A-Trax joint

    • bigfoot2011

      U must be 40+

      • EchoxHotel

        Naw im 27, so you gotta be old to like good rap music smh

        • bigfoot2011

          Nigga I’m 29 but ain’t checking for Cam or Curtis. Cam was great for that era but it’s over. He’s trash now. 50 is a clown, a hater and deserves where his career is.

          • Ricky Retardo

            i guess that YG album might be out the question

          • EchoxHotel

            So what aint nobody ask you if you were checking for them. And thats your opinion when it comes to their careers and you come off as a 17 year old the way you talking about to successful rappers who still has fans and have been around awhile. The problem is ppl like you who put time limits on rappers because what they do doesnt fit in with this new shit

          • bigfoot2011

            I still like Kiss current music. Sheek was always wack. “I’m screaming trying to cop those, colossal sized Picasso’s”. Smh. Dude was Super wack. I still listen to Cam’s old shit. His new music is just horrific. 50 is a hater and can’t support that donkey

          • EchoxHotel

            Dude aint nun wack about sheek louch, and to use a benjamins verse means you dont listen to him at all to know he has better lines than that. You call 50 a hater and i call Ross a liar. A hater is better than a liar in my book. And Cam i guess you just gotta fuck with his style.

          • bigfoot2011

            I have all Kiss solo albums, SP and i’ve listened to numerous Lox albums. Sheek Luciano ain’t my speed. As far as rappers lying, u ever heard 50 cent “high all the time”? He doesn’t even smoke or “in Da club”? And dude doesn’t club. Rap is reality mixed with entertainment. My issue with 50 was how he single handedly destroyed so many careers and made record sales the focal point. Cam’s music is just funny but truthfully, he spits some of the worst bars. “I’ll leave u holy poly, ull be like holy moly”.

          • EchoxHotel

            I give you eveeything you saying but the 50 thing is crazy. I mean in order to make songs like he would have to have done it before at one point. I mean before he made it big im pretty sure he smoked weed at least once, and he had to live in clubs before grodt came out just to promote it on the road. He may not do it now but if you kno 50 he constantly raps about stuff that he use to do

          • EchoxHotel

            And as far as destroying careers go he only destroyed 1 and thats Ja’s even tho he aimed at destroying others. Eminem destroyed whatever benzino called a career, even Jay Z done killed careers of guys before they even got the chance to go anywhere ie sauce money, Jaz-O, Amil etc. All the great rappers destroy at least one career on they way to the top. 50 just gets a bad rap because he was doing it when NYC hip hop took a nose dive in popularity so it seems like he’s responsible. You cant blame him he was on the dream team and outside of him, hov, and dipset at the time most ny artist startef going south anyway.

        • Real Nigga

          Say the youngin’s dont quite get that our generation is the Rap City generation….we know hip hop like everybody, its just a matter of time period, we lucked up.

  • Lucifer

    Hellz nogga yea


    YES an album with nothing but Sheek Louch something I’ve been waiting for…NOT!

  • .stillnotsoft.

    looking forward to this the last one was good

  • Johnnie Rawker

    Praise Jesus!

  • GreenBergs

    lmao some of this shit just seems like quick put-me-togethers..

  • Gawd

    Nobody cares… Niggas spit the same content, same style, same flow, on the same tired ass production. I’m a fan of what you did… DID… But every song is an attempt to recreate the same shit. Give it up.

    • asdf

      Is that what “the 4 horsemen” was to you?

    • GreenBergs

      thats exactly what pro era and these new school weirdo rappers are trying to do, shits corny..make ya own lane

  • The Incredible Creation

    I’m confused as to why “Drivin’ Round” is on this as well as the first one lol maybe its 2 completely different songs but uhhhh i don’t think so ..features look the same on it besides Badu =/ *shrugs* http://www.theincrediblecreation.com/

  • wei sheng

    yeaaaa, wasn’t expecting this one!!!! soon hiphop will be off life support. #jayelect #curren$y #e40 #fabulous #jayz #j.cole #nas #freeway #drake #kanye #wutang #redman #schoolboyQ #lox ……..#rickross(lmbo, nigga please) and the list goes on……

  • Jeff

    Mixtape tape wack shit, That won’t make it past the Queens boro Bridge Bitch why U still Rappin. Yeah die already and we going ice you we don’t even know you and we don’t like you . cause crackers cover them selves in costume jewells but when we step in the place they look like fools…. Ev

  • DmxCokePruhlem

    somebody on here said there rhymin style and production old and tired they should give it up!! IM SORRY BUT ILL TAKE THIS OLD ASS SHIT ANYTIME THAN A YOUNG THUG OR A RICH HOMIE QUAN

  • The Mad Sampler

    Wu block is good but MIcrophonixxx is for the children