New Music: Jay Electronica x Jay Z “We Made It”


Black Excellence. 

Look who went to SXSW and found their work ethic. A week after leaking audio from his debut Act II: Patents Of Nobility, Jay Electronica blessed the net with this freestyle featuring Jigga Man. Needless to say, this beat didn’t stand a chance.


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  • jaga

    Daaamn, Jay goes hard, 50 needs beats like this his production now sounds more old then his production in 2002

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      Let 50 rest in peace please. his run is done. Jay is keeping a foot on that niggas neck. Jay will drop shit for fun just to keep the light off of 50. Karma is a bitch.

  • rapgod

    good effort

  • EricHeisenberg

    Damn this is fire!

  • West West

    Jay outshined Jay Elec!

    • EricHeisenberg

      no really, listen with unbiased ears

  • l.Wilson



    WU-BLOCK 2!

  • Greg Hardy

    Why dont spit these bars on a original Beat and put it in iTunes. Cause like this it is just going to be a moment instead of a really good single. Fuk the buzz creation!

  • Money22

    Jay elect is dead on the east… sounds like he really like drake flow and had to use it. And Jayz come on son foh…

  • GroovyQ

    Wow How finally outshined Elec

    • The Incredible Creation


    • Fidel Cash Flow

      I guess you had some ear problems when they dropped The Shiny Suit Theory

  • Observer

    Sorry Mr Drizzy for so muh art talk, silly me talking about shit that I really bought”

    • tlox

      Drake has definitely made it to the top if Jay thinks it’s worth to come at him…

      • intelligentsoul

        but watch these hiphop heads try to create a beef between Drake and Jay though

        • tlox

          but of course anything for views…

          • tututhebadboy

            Well, which one was for views?.. Drake’s published comments abt someone else..or Jay’s response on wax??

        • Leo

          His line is ‘ok Drizzy i rapped things i owned but what about other rappers talking guns they aint shot…

        • nigga we slayed it

          This is a direct response to Drake’s disparaging comments about Jay’s latest album in the recent Rolling Stone article:

          It’s like Hov can’t drop bars these days without at least four art references.

          While Drizzy raps about renting a 12 bedroom in the Caymans, Jay already owns everything he raps about.

          Also, notice Drake sounds as if he’s been referred to as ‘Mrs Drizzy’ — Jay likely thinks his comments are bitchy.

      • TwilightZoning

        or u on crack rock. Jay been beefing with Young Money for awhile now. Listen to Dedication 5 Wayne kilt Hov for a whole mix tape, with his on style by the way.

        • tututhebadboy

          Killed?… Idk abt all that..

          • squeezie

            me either

          • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

            i try not to call peoples hard work shitty, but D5 was borderline diarrhea. I can think of only one repeatable bar off that mixtape. The one about “mama will call the lord before she calls the law” and that wasn’t even Wayne. The interviews were the best part.

          • tututhebadboy

            Idk abt what u saying either.. look, you seem pretty stuck on tryna prove Jay is better than Wayne..the only problem is… we already kno he’s better than Wayne. Hell, Wayne knows it even. OK Jay-z is Better. But we don’t dislike Wayne as much as you seem to. D5 was good.. no it wasn’t D1 or D2 but its the 5th installment.. thats just like any movie that has a part 5..its never better than before. D5 wasn’t ‘The Shit’.. but it wasn’t ‘shit’ either like you just said. Its basically like..Wayne isn’t always sounding his best these days, noted , but when he did he was so good that we’re willing to give him a chance for a few more times..if he doesn’t compete with his old self then hey.. we’ll slowly give up on em too. You seem to have already given up..which is cool, thats just fine. We rock with both of them, well I personally do. I say this because D5 has a few gems you kinda overlooked there. My fav on that was his kill my vibe, No its not better than anyones..but I personally mixed my version so it goes Kendrick’s rmx verse, Wayne’s verse, Jay’s verse, with Gaga on the hook. It makes it more telling you.

          • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

            I didn’t compare Jay to Wayne in this comment. I responded to someone else comparing them together? I responded to someone else bringing up Wayne saying he killed Jay on the whole D5 mixtape. That was stupid. Wayne is one of the biggest rap stars to ever do it and i’m a fan. But D5 was Wayne venting about random shit that nobody cares about and i’m pretty sure he eluded to doing that in one of his interviews. I’m not trying to be mean but i highly doubt that your mix is a classic…they would’ve added his verse and released it as a re-remix.

          • tututhebadboy

            True.. I aint mean that you don’t like Wayne.. Just that Jay is obviously better to you. I don’t think you’re a hater or anything.. Ive just responded back & fourth with you before abt Wayne & you spoke abt Jay in a comparison type way..which is cool with me, but some folk don’t know how to decipher the game correctly & they wrongly compare Jay & Wayne & make points like Wayne is better..(Like the person b4 me did). To me its like Jordan & Iverson.. Everybody knows Mike is god.. Ivee on the other hand rightfully owns his legacy. I agree that D5 was all venting.. but in the end.. so was every other Dedication. Thats all I mean. That guy was trippen talking bout killed Jay. Shiiyiit. Plus for the sake of my good ass mix (I get it you disagree, Lmao) the Wayne mix was too little too late, but it could of made a difference, especially with Gaga. You woulda liked it, lol, I’ll drop you a link my nig… Anyway, his was a dumb comment. & I truly hope this sparks a YM/ Roc Natn uproar..beef.. something!

        • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

          so you didn’t listen to Waynes, Crwn Interview. They aint beefing, he makes that clear.

      • kanye west


      • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

        Drake is a major artist that people care about. Jay has to say something. That doesn’t mean he’s at the top. The top is reserved $300 million earners and better.

    • nigga we made it

      he said mrs LMAO…

    • Mrs.*

    • bleh

      “sorry mrs Drizzy”

    • PoorHomieeQuann

      drake bout to unfollow Hov on twitter n rip down his posters of his wall with tears in his eyes

      • Clayton Bigsby


  • xgonnagiveit

    Hov killed this shit. Elec came hard but Hov’s entire verse was a continuation of Elec’s. And that Drake mini shot was fuckin ill. Jay took this one no doubt.

  • This shit is beautiful. The Gods spitting that metaphysical real shit on some trap shit? That’s the balance we need. Hov been in the know but now he’s dropping even more science, the shit is epic. Jay Elec looking like he about to drop the album. Good day for Hip-Hop.

    • Steve Gotti

      so every beat made that doesnt sound like its from the 90s is considered trap shit? wtf?

      • Marlow †

        please be quiet

  • The Incredible Creation

    YES LAWD! They must be gearing up for an album release lol *crosses fingers*

  • lebron jamies

    jay > jay

    • Jesus Ernesto Alejos


      • Leon Sandcastle

        E or Z?? Ha! I guess thats the joke

        • lebron jamies

          hahaha exactly!! dope shit overall.

      • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

        Catch up my nigga. You gotta be ready for metaphors and double entendres in the comments if you’re reading a Jay Z post.

  • Beau x Live

    I know I may get crucified by the hip hop nerds but Jay Elec is overrated to me. Or maybe he waited so long to drop new material that he pushed himself into the overrated category. Hov killed it tho.

    • Justin TimberBAKED

      I feel the same way, but he killed this shit!!!


    They went hard. Although, let’s be fair Rapradar and give Soulja Boy his credit of it being his song they remixed as opposed to making it seem it’s Jay-Z & Elec song. You guys normally always give credit. I know Soulja Boy’s lyrics were trash however he still had a little bit of talent to come up with the hook.

    • LuckyP

      nah fam, we aint giving soulja boy shit! I’m leaning towards the producer coming up with the hook ! lol

      • Sh!t

        Soulja boy produced this

        • LuckyP

          PurpDogg did the beat nigga. go back to sleep

          • Offset

            you like this? if you like this you will LOVE the Migos. Period.

          • LuckyP

            migos? the real offset? this you nigga?!? LMAOO

  • areal1

    They both killed but if u keeping it 100 jay electronica got hov

    • tlox

      lame attempt to troll

      • LuckyP

        extremely, lol, hov moonwalked over this shit. elec got busy but its really all the same pharaohs and egypt talk that we just can’t seem to shun just yet

        • areal1

          Read response above same goes 4 u

          • LuckyP

            hold on playa ,my finger was in your mothers ass, run hat past me once more

          • areal1

            Oh aiight u some ol bored 13 year old Internet banger lmaoooo u win u got it lol fuckin weirdos man

          • GetReal


        • outlaw

          Really? And its the same ” I got money” talk from Jay Z..please stop hatin

  • So Icy Boi! (Official)

    Jay Electrina iz a lazy ass nigga. Roc Nation artists are borin and uninspired. J. Cole went gold thanks to Drake. Jay-Z went platinum thanks to Samsung. swag

    • LuckyP

      nigga you sound MAD !! did they reject your poorly crafted demo? if they got past your unbearable spelling id be surprised and constitute that as a win in itself for you.. nigga this shit is HARD !! I’m really not sure what your poverty comment was supposed to mean

      • So Icy Boi! (Official)

        nigga, It’s not my problem that your brain isn’t fully functioning and it is way to small to understand facts all by yourself. swag

        • Davey Allen

          You get no pussy

        • illz

          swag??? get ur swagless outta here, jay Elec lazy?? did you even undertood what he was spitting about?? swag ur weak ass outtahere

        • TruthDoc

          What kind of lame still says “swag”?

    • NoHomothough

      Jay Electronica isnt lazy he takes his time with his work. I am not a Jay z Fan but even without Samsung im pretty sure Jayz would reach Platinum or extremely close to it. AND ABOUT J.COLE! HE CAN SPIT but you aint lying lol.

    • Thatdude

      bahahaha nigga Jay-Z went platinum because of Samsung? Nigga do you know how dumb you sound? Every album he has dropped has gone platinum. He has a fan base and IF that shit were true about Samsung…nigga its great business sense!!! You obvously one of them niggas who grew up in the suburbs and borrowed your dads volvo wagon in high school smh.

    • Stfu Let the gods speak

      He still SOLD 500k copies first week after giving away a million copies so whats your point… Electronica doesn’t need rap hes with a rothschild… Rap is a side job. get off the blog you moron

      • Griff

        Everybody know Jay-Z BUYS all his own album copies to be popular, cus his music is WHACK. Samsung corny for supportin that ugly man.

        • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

          BELCH! My bad, say it again, i was burping while you were talking shit.

    • Truth Seeker

      speak truth.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      Album was 2x Platinum soo even without Samsung he was still seeing platinum idiot.swag

    • Clayton Bigsby

      Nothing to see here, just trolls and heathens.

    • Kadeem Roberts

      Fuck out of here

    • Jesus Christ

      This Guy [email protected]_icy_boi:disqus is a HATER, DEVIL-AGENT. He must be paid to cause trouble amongst the rightous. The very type of person being spoken about in these verses, don’t pay any attention to him.

      • Byrome

        We can all see that you don’t get enough genuine love. How u gon keep yo bitch from cheating like that? Salute to so icy boi!
        “Love… Don’t get enough of it”

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      Jay went platinum in actual units sold (store bought) and then moved 1 million through Samsung. that’s 2x platinum…and this was 2 months after dropping the album, …These are facts. nigga he made it!

  • Gawd

    Good day for HipHop

  • NoHomothough

    Dang bruh lol they needa let Electronica go on his own in a track. everyone is going to skip to hov’s verse, just like they skiped his verse in Control. He can spit but not alot of people are listening. :/

  • Onlygreatmusic

    Hell’s fire

  • BankCity CES

    Been waiting sun.. #5

  • LP1087

    Are we listening to the same record, Jay sound fatigued….and that’s a a hard statement coming from me

    • Dynomite!

      u mean JJ Evans.


    Let’s be honest this is sick

  • Hussle

    Awwwww shitttt! Exactly what we needed. Wish Cole was on it too

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad


  • McGrahamable

    Song is dope. The Drake line was not a diss,calm your tits everyone, it was all for publicity.Use a song drizzy made mainstream and shout him out on it will make people talk about it more. Which works out great for Jay Elec after being dismissed by some after Control. his verse was good but it ain’t no kendrick though.

    • sincereakilleez

      U sound like a hurt drizzly fan. A diss id a diss. No sugar coated flat out name drop, just fuckin accept it and move on why make excuses

      • McGrahamable

        Take it how you want it that’s your prerogative. You’re talking about it though are you not?

        • J

          When you’re being referred to as “Mrs.” by someone with a name and don’t respond, you still take the L. Publicity or not.

          • McGrahamable

            Idk where yall niggas hearing Mrs. I heard Mister, had to rewind a couple times just to verify

          • McGrahamable

            I think the confusion is if you rewind it over the part he says “sorry Mister Drizzy” it loops and sounds like Mrs

          • J

            You might be right. I would say its indistinguishable between the two more than anything, but honestly I don’t see Jay as trying to start anything regardless. The line is more of a reminder to Drake that he’s not going to let him go around calling his music corny.

    • cA

      You can’t be serious…

  • Chronic

    Jesus has officially resurrected!

    • Bizzle

      get real.

  • nigga we slayed it

    This is a direct response to Drake’s disparaging comments about Jay’s latest album in the recent Rolling Stone article:

    It’s like Hov can’t drop bars these days without at least four art references.

    While Drizzy raps about renting a 12 bedroom in the Caymans, Jay already owns everything he raps about.

    Also, notice Drake sounds as if he’s been referred to as ‘Mrs Drizzy’ — Jay likely thinks his comments are bitchy.



    smh no mention of soulja boy, the original… this is a remix NOT NEW MUSIC

  • DJ NoSo


  • Richie the grizzly 85

    About fucking time I heard from j electronica, this track is crazy!! 10/10

  • black elite

    they dropping jewels.. but most will only focus on the drake line

    • tututhebadboy

      True.. & thats the biggest problem..

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      If Jay and Jay didn’t want that to happen Jay Z would have released the verse by itself. Maybe he used that Drake line to get our feigning asses to listen to the whole song…including all the jewels.


    jay-z is just responding to drake, yall niggas is soft yo

  • poetic assasin

    Drake bout to go against his word and make a full rap album lol. Hov stepped it up, haven’t heard him go in for a min. Electronica raps effortlessly, hope his project drops this year.

  • DJ Coganc

    Migos!!!!!! No Label II. instead of stealing these dudes flow, why not give them a label.

    • j

      Because that’s how you end up with another Trinidad James. Who’s going to buy their album? Nobody.

      • DJ Coganc

        No ones rapping like Trinidad James. And I believe that if Jay and Jay Elec and Drake and Chinx Drugs and Lil Dirk and French are rapping like the Migos they may be worth a lil sumn sumn. I like that Jay is even in touch with the youth. Dopeness. Still wanted to hear Jay do Jay though nobody does it better.

  • DJ Coganc


  • Shiz

    Hov got his flow back!!! Omg I’m bout to cry lol

    • BucWild

      Stealing flows mean you got your flow back. On what planet. This comment should read “Hov got the Migos flow!!! Omg I’m bout to cry no lol”

      • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

        Man, Chill the fuck out with that! Migos just checked in and Jay would easily checked them out. Jay Been here, Jay been switching flows up for the fun of it.

      • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

        I still can’t believe you said the “Migos”. i only know one song from them fools. Jay Z has 13 platinum+ selling albums and you compared him to the dirty ass migos? #LowBlow

        • John Jay

          Migos pattern and flows have copied and paste lately.
          true fact

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      never lost it

  • JADatsyuk

    Hov blacked out.

  • Justin TimberBAKED

    Hov killed this shit!

  • CS

    So Many Gems HOV! #7THLETTER

  • TheTruthFromTexas

    Hot Damn!!

    • 713Texan

      You not from Texas! Maybe you a Dallas nigga are something.. But this aint even hotter than the original.

      • Casanova Kris

        why hate on Dallas. cut it out. Im about to be the biggest nigga from Texas. Already got my 2 Chainz feature. Google me jack! Debonaire Bros Ent! Casanova For President

  • GuerillaBoy

    Anybody actually saying this is hot is a Jay Z Stan. Nothing hot about 0 originality. If your going to rap over a Soulja Boy song shouldve picked Zan With That Lean. Oh and S/O Migos they the ones who just Made It.

    • j

      You can’t claim someone “Made It” because their flow is being used. Plus, if the only thing someone has going for them is their flow then they’re never going to make it.

  • Chrisalejo

    This is light.

    • DoggieDiamonds


  • confused

    how they kicking pro black talk when one worships the euro way and the other is dating a white slave master’s offspring smh

    • TruthSeeker

      speak truth.

    • 1_Shot (IV)

      I’m also confused as your name suggests, does this mean one cannot learn anything pro black from a black man unless he in a dashiki and fits in the stereotypical pro-black appearance of today? Or perhaps after reaching all the goals in the “euro way” he wanted, perhaps maybe then because of his business acumen and the goals he’s reached has allotted enough spare time in his life that he has the luxury of self reflection and that he’s come to the realization that there’s more to life then material things and the conquest of them that he is also working started working on developing and growing other factors like his intellectual side? It’s obvious the brother is learning, studying or someone pro black in his circle is making their mark on him and it’s having a positive effect on him. Throwing the baby out with the bath water is a foolish thing, we should celebrate the fact that a man at the peak of his game, wealth and influence would even have the gaul to speak publicly on a record and state some of the things he just said…like you did peep he just said the black man was god right? If that’s not pro (meaning to be a proponent of) black I don’t know what is, and he is after all a child of the diaspora, that qualifies him enough to speak on what was said. The few times and moments we have when our brothers in hiphop throw positivity into songs which hit the mainstream needs to be applauded to help cause for more of it to happen. Not us dissmissing the message because of the character of the individual does not fit in line with what we feel a person should be in order for them to speak on a subject.

      • marty mcfly

        Jayz has been positive before and he has also made conscious songs before, like a couple hundred matter fact. Look at each album he’s done and count how many positive messages are involved on a song by song bases (im not saying there isnt alot of negative but unfortunately people pay more attention to negative then positive). If you really count up how many positive and thoughtful things Jayz has said from Reasonable Doubt to MCHG? You see that this dude has been a very knowledgeable MC on things other then materialism for a very long time now. Its like when people listen to Hard Knock Life, they hear all the materialism but dont hear the word life or hear what the true meaning of the song is. The Jay you heard on this song has always been here since the days of him spitting freestyles and adding on knowledge of self as double entendres since the 90s.

        • ProfessorGriff

          this guy Jay Z propagates all his business moves to one up nicer MCs then gets in an interview his charity is anonymous then raps over Soulja Boy song and wont even give him credit or say his name on the song. Anonymous must mean NON EXISTENT! Dudes is idol worshippers B. And they making a mockery of the diaspora.

          • ProfessorGriff

            *in an interview and says his charity is anonymous

          • marty mcfly

            Maybe Jay is just a dope MC. People always talk about his business but if Jay made wack music that people didnt give a shit about I dont think he’d still be here 18 years after his first album. I mean its theory and then there’ s just facts. You heard his music right? Come on now, you know this brotha got mad talent and his lyrics are very intelligent so give him credit brah. Not for business or money but his actual craft and the quality of his lyricism as an artist cause you hear the bars and you know they dope fam.

          • Biff

            Its alot more talented MCs out there. Jaz O is one of them. Gift of Gab is another one. Really the list goes on and on. Everybody knows that Jay has forced his relevance since before he retired. I think Jay gives himself enough credit he dont need any extra from me. Rick Ross song on Jay’s last album was the BEST song. On his big Hard Knock Life album DMX’s song was the best. On Blueprint, Eminem’s song was the best. Pay attention! Stop fanning out on a dude who would shoot his on brother.

          • Megamind

            So now your OPINION of WHO is better is suppose to negate the facts as the brother Marty pointed out? How does a rapper 40+ still reign, have respect from his peers as well as that of the new generation as well?? That’s a real question…bc all the money in the world can’t pay for relevancy…As Gaga or 50 or Nelly…list goes on…you need hits in the music biz…pure and simple!

          • marty mcfly

            COSIGN Mega, thats like this one time this white man told me that BP3 only sold alot cause Jay has great business sense? I was like so Empire State is not a good song? COMEONSON

          • Biff

            again Alicia Keys MADE that record. Without her it would have been Blue Magic.

          • marty mcfly

            If without her it woulda been Blue Magic then thats dope cause Blue Magic is a dope song fool. Plus there aint no such thing as Empire State without Alicia Keys cause the fact is she’s on the song. If Alicia Keys made the record dope then that still means its a dope record.

          • Biff

            If you need someone outside yourself to make the record dope other than just a dope beat. How can you be deemed hot or the BEST???

          • marty mcfly

            How many songs this nigga got by himself? D.O.A was the first single and that was by himself and its other songs he got by himself. If he got other people on songs that dont mean shit other then maybe its another good song fool. It dont matter who’s on the song, it matters whether or not the final product sounds good or not and Empire State sounds good fool.

          • Fidel Cash Flow

            If Alicia Keys made that record then how come her own Empire State version didn`t performed at least the same ?

          • Biff

            Ill tell you how. Jump all over Kendrick Lamar’s hottest song. Jump all over Jeezy’s & Rick Ross’s hottest songs. Make the kingship about business moves instead of rap talent. Get rid of all your enemies (basically anyone who challenges you). Use hot artists to make urself relevant (throw Drake on the track, throw Ross on the track, really whoever is buzzing at the time even if its Wayne or Juvenile). Its pretty simple. Also all the money in the world CAN pay for relevancy where do you live MARS!?! Attach yourself to the hottest RnB chicks. And as far as respect from the new generation I dont know if he has there respect to be honest. Every young person I deal with NEVER ever listens to Jay Z. Actually 35 and ups listen to Jigga because theyre hoping he might tell them how to finally get rich. Marty McFly is still living in the past or he all shook up like Micheal J Fox.

          • Megamind

            I HEAR what you’re saying…but it still makes no sense…you know why…NO is a very powerful agent. It can motivate and stimulate. Even if it is strategic (which it is)…all these artist you mentioned didn’t have to “loan” their relevancy and credence to a descending Jay Z right??? I mean come on…why help the next man shine? Why have a cold, old wack nigga on your track or as your husband, etc?? They could have said “NO, I’m good”…because be clear Jay don’t and never have done mixtape…and I’m in my late 30s so i know and have his catalog…he has ALWAYS monetized his content. But they don’t say no bc he is damn near universally lauded as THEE, best rapper EVER…no matter where you from, he’s in the top 5…so his relevancy is just as much currency on a Kendrick track as Kendrick rapping along side of him…

            Yo B, how are you??? That shit is laymens…you don’t see that…the irony is a 40+ yr old Jay is still better than 80% of the rappers, so how you sound LOL….only Ken, Drake, J Cole, Ye, and like a FEW more are hotter and sometime have doper lyrics…but as a whole…Is anything on Wale’s last album better than Oceans or FUTW or Heaven?? I’ll wait LOL! And you can replace Wale with whatever rapper aside from the ones previously mentioned.

            Oh and I live here on Earth…Harlem world to be exact LOL
            No shot…just like the debate bc I like to see where ppl heads are…


          • Biff

            First of all you cant even get a Jay verse so every thing you heard him jump on he beasted it. Like Pump It Up from Joe Budden. The fact that he doesnt drop mix tapes makes me feel like he DONT GOT IT. Schoolboy Q said artist who do mixtapes are whack and when I heard his “big” album its was horrendous. Jay Z is not the undisputed BEST rapper either by the way believe it or not Weezy aka Lil Tune has more fans than Jay Z and since he DOES drop mixtapes the people feel like he is nicer because he has MORE bars. Basic MC shit. Niggas in New York dont even respect “Hova”. Thats why Maino will proclaim KING of his borough or Pap would proclaim KING of his whole state. If Jay Z cant even make the people in his hometown bow down why would u think Miami cats or New Orleans cats or even LA cats would. I never even mentioned Wale or JCole because they are sucka MCs.
            And to answer why people would allow him to be on their songs or why his wife would marry him its basic human nature, people praise money and they all believe Jay has alot of it. If you ever rode in a luxury vehicle youve seen this phenomena and you havent you dont know how people really act different when money comes in the picture. People want even tell you your breath stink when you “rich” or presumed to be rich.

          • marty mcfly

            The fact he dont drop mixtapes? He just put out MCHG and before that it was the Made In America film and before that it was WTT and before that it was BP3. If he dont put out a mixtape he releases an official album fool and between that go check his touring schedule and find out what he’s doing. You say people in NY dont respect but thats cool cause his fanbase respects him and thats more then enough people. Then you go on and on about rich shit but he still makes good music hater.

          • marty mcfly

            Even if all that shit your saying is more important to you then the actual music or your saying all that to say its not Jays talent that is the foundation to all that then what are you saying? If he works with a bunch of other artists to be relevant then ok, that sounds like a good move. If he got alot of money? Then ok that sounds good and if people praise him cause he got money? I mean what you want him to do about that? None of what your saying takes away from the fact that his music sounds good too so thats why people like it. FOH

          • Biff

            Im saying he try very hard and he not killing it even harder than Jaz O. Im saying 50 Cent sold 15 million copies with 1 Nate Dogg hook and 1 Eminem feature. Jay could NEVER do that. He can go get a whose who of talent and still fall waaaaay short. Musically. Also I’m saying he not even the biggest selling act from New York so no wonder why all them niggas up there running around showing him 0 respect. If you not the undisputed King of your on city I cant say your the best and your music must be average. Just cause its out dont mean its hot. And Blue Magic was not ill.

          • marty mcfly

            Then tell Jaz O to put a dope album out then, I would listen to that dumb shit but if you want to go ahead. As far as what Jay can and cant do as far as sales in concerned? Thats whatever cause Jay doing good you hater. You say he falls short musically? I say not too many niggas can do even a quarter of what this nigga has done in all aspects of being an artists so your simple perspective means nothing. Jay aint sold as many records as Mily Cyrus and Justin Beiber but Jay sold a few records so its all good fool. Furthermore Blue Magic is dope as fuck and if niggas dont respect Jay the cool Jay dont need they respect he’s good. If niggas really mad then run up and do something cause as far as King Of NY goes? Niggas got a VERY long way to go before they even touch half of Jays level at this point. If Jay only sold 1 album and his career and the outcome of his music was at the same level its at today he’d still be the greatest. You just mad hater, you mad.

          • marty mcfly

            I would NOT listen to that dumbshit. Jaz O? LOL Kill yourself fukboy

          • Megamind

            I stop reading your post after you said Wayne has more fans than Jay…i honestly tried to debate you as a equal, that was my mistake…You gotta be a nigga that’s like 25 or so to say Wayne has more fans than JAY FKN Z! Damn, another case of a young, dumb nigga…so i’ll school you since your pride is blinding you from just asking what you need to know or hear…that’s happens a lot with your generation…inside of say…”how does one go about creating a catalog and legacy like a Nas, Jay, Snoop, legends, etc…you discredited with some dumb nigga boogie man theories…

            As I briefly scan your passage, I see something about Maino/King of BK…SO, he called himself King Of Bk…holds NO water…I’m the best basketball player to never make it to the NBA…see how that works…Being from NY and being that we invented this thing I’m currently schooling you in…we have ALWAYS had a too many chiefs and not enough indians mentality and for good fkn reason. Each Boro has birthed LEGENDS in this rap shit…From Melly Mel, to KRS1, Hov, Pac (Harlem), Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu, Kane, Rakim, Tribe, Puff, BIG, LL, X…i can go fkn on. Maino is looking to establish himself…he has one big song of note…and I respect Maino bc he’s a real NY dude…but him being the self proclaimed King of BK is no shot at Hov…really my nigga, how old are you?? I’d like to know.
            You’re not saying logical shit.

            About artist praising money, etc…you do realize Jay and Bey have accrued MORE wealth as a unit then either had prior to right? Jay had more wealth than her…she’s actually surpassed him in stature BUT NOT wealth…they have built that together…but i digress

            People who idolize money are foolish, that’s the only point you made…Money is fleeting BUT accomplishment aren’t an Hov has put SERIOUS numbers on the board…in business and music…so at the end of the day…what’s your beef with Jay? Again i ask, who are you mad at Jay or yourself?

          • Biff

            Not mad just stating facts. Ask anybody from Atlanta if Outkast are the Kings they will say YES. Ask LA is Snoop the KING they will say DEFINITELY. Maino said he doesnt respect Jay on a street level period because he was NEVER known in Brooklyn as a street dude, same with BIG. Wayne definitely sells more than Jay which would suggest he has more fans. Even Jay’s wife went and got Wayne on a record, not the other way around. Ask dudes from New Orleans who the KING Wayne without question. The fact that you continually discredit Jaz O as a lyricist is a fact that your a Jay Z stan. Even Jay Z knows dude is nice thats why he ran behind him for years. In addition when you say your the KING and Diddy says yall can share it and dudes beneath him say there the KING it tells guys NOT from NYC that your not holding it down enough for everyone to even respect it. So your not the UNDISPUTED KING OF BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, or RAP cause of acts like BIG, Pac, Nas and yes even Wayne. He’s shooting shots at Drake like that’s respectable after running to get Drake for a hook to remain relevant. If Hov did this shit for truly artistic purposes I wouldnt have anything to say but he obviously wants to play for the BEST/KING title and he’s losing. Thats it Marty McFly I after this discourse I’m positive your all shook up like Micheal J Fox.

          • marty mcfly

            You keep talking about what other artists do and what other people feel? That does nothing to suggest that Jay hasn’t put the work in to clearly establish his level of greatness. If Maino says he;s the king of BK? I mean is anybody supposed to really give a fuck? NO. Jay can be the king of taking care of his own business and not tripping off what other people do and thats just fine like that fool. Jay dont give a fuck about these other niggas, you do but Jay at this is competing with his own legacy, everybody else in the rear view artistically and otherwise. You up here talking about Maino? LOL

          • Megamind

            This fool Biff crazy right?? LOLOL….He’s young though
            I really tried to entertain him to see if he had a valid reason as to WHY he stated that…but it’s just hate/envy…you know what it is son…Cats can’t fathom that level of success so they knock it and envy it or attribute it to the boogie man shenanigans than a nigga’s HARD FKN WORK and dedication!!! SMH LOL

          • Megamind

            You’re a clown LOL…so I won’t even rebut this foolishness …however I notice you never answered my age question or where you’re from…bc nigga you can ask ANY rap fan from WHEREVER who’s better OR sold more OR more marketable OR has more classics OR money (since you brought it up)….Jay Z or Lil Wayne and we ALL know the fucking answer….so i say this in closing…you need to do the knowledge, you start to grow when you are systematically caught up in your feelings disputing FACTS vs OPINIONS…this Fox News ass nigga LOLOL!

            I hate pitting artists against each other bc ppl have preferences BUT when you start talking Kings, nigga know who the REAL Kings of this hiphop shit is! Impact, relevancy, content, consistency, product, commerce, sales….nigga WHO besides that White boy from the D has done better in sales?? Bc his career is still not even parallel to Hov’s!

            And again…Maino was in jail getting and get his face buck 50’d when Hov was making outta town runs…that FOOLISH for me to even state…i just stooped to your level!!! SMH! Like I need to give Jay’s accomplishments MORE credence….

            be good son…

          • marty mcfly

            You honestly trying to tell me about Jaz O nigga? Really? I mean thats who’s poppin in your opinion. KILL YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY

          • See(sic)

            Dude, you know how big New York is, right?
            Also, do you really think that it was Beyonce’s decision alone, or at all, to get Wayne on that track? Do you know how the music business works sir?

          • Justin TimberBAKED

            Yo he’s really an idiot!!! I don’t know why you’re wasting your time. He’s prob some 17 or 18 year old kid from the burbs

          • Justin TimberBAKED

            Yo he’s really an idiot!!! I don’t know why you’re wasting your time. He’s prob some 17 or 18 year old kid from the burbs

          • elmilitancio

            I am a 40yr old military vet that came out of Brooklyn Ny so I grew up with Jay so to speak even though he is older than me. I also spent some years in Red Hook projects and although I didn’t know the dude personally there were quite a few cats my age that worked for Kline in the projects that are now dead or in jail so I know the history and it is real. I got put on to the south with being sent to Florida for my first assignment so I got open to the South’s music big time. I still remember the first time my dude from Memphis let me hear “Slob on my Knob” from 3-6 Mafia for the first time on a tape. I say all that just to give a little credence to what I am saying. The song is hard by any standard and the lyrics by both emcees are superb. None of us know exactly what Jay does for the community because as we know the media are not really great at promoting black folks supporting other black folks and when it is shown we are so judgmental as a people that we see everything as a photo op and not genuine. I don’t know Jay personally but I do like his music but I do know that he has provided for the guys that came up with him in the streets that did bids and are now home able to do for self and their next of kin. Which one of us can say that? My whole thing is for folks to stop allowing this internet to give the permission to cast judgement on things you know nothing about. I saw earlier that someone wanted these cats to do something global with the influence they have. How do you know its not being done? Being in the military I know how the powers that be control your mind so be wise in your endeavors and judge not lest you be judged. Be easy out there young gunners. Peace.

          • Megamind

            I think we’re saying the same things bro…peace and thanks for the service

          • marty mcfly

            COSIGN. My thing is when is the black community gonna help itself. Why do people wait for a savior instead of helping themselves? Other communities do not wait for celebrities to come back and help them. They go out an help the community themselves. Jay is wealthy yes but he cant clean up every black community in america and provide a job for every black person in america so stop asking why he has not done that. He’s Jayz not Warren Buffet.

          • John Jay

            co-sign…look at the chinese community, the east indian community, the jewish community and so on…they don’t have a public “savior” and don’t hang on a singer song to do something about their lives. Each one of them give a shot to a better living, and each individual trying make a mass…power is in numbers

          • marty mcfly

            Im not living in the past if the song just came out today and its dope you dumbass. Jay just gave you another dope verse in the present time. If people choose to like the song its probably cause its dope fool not cause of a bunch you different bullshit you talking about. If the young people you deal with never ever listened to Jayz what difference does it make cause 100 million plus people have listened to Jayz you hatin ass clown.

          • Biff

            a 100 million people? really. Birdman said it best when it come to making money off music Cash Money is making all the money.

          • marty mcfly

            yeah 100 million people have listened to or heard Jayz music over the course of his career in case you need more clarity. If Cash Money makes “all” the money off music”? Thats cool, I think Jay is doing alright for himself when it comes to paper so its all good. Smh

          • Biff

            if this is the case why NO mixtapes, why rap at all. If he’s good on money why not kill us with dope material constantly. if he’s rapping for the art of rapping. I watched this guy go to Angie Mar show she asks him to rap and he says he’s finished. THE BEST would NEVER say or do that. And that never been cool. I think he may just love the attention like Nas told me.

          • marty mcfly

            Why not mixtapes? cause he puts out albums instead thats why. Since 1996, Jay has only took off work three years and thats 2005, 2010, and 2012. Every other year he has put an album out. 12 solo albums and 4 collaboration albums so how is that not consistent? You talk about Jay saying he’s finished rapping to Angie but you just heard a new song today fool. How is that not consistent? 16 albums in 17 years aint consistency? FOH with that mixtape shit

          • Biff

            say what you want. Bumping Busta Rhymes mixtape with QTip. 2 great artists that pre date Jay Z who arent as comfortable financially.These young dudes work waaaay harder. Nowadays you drop an album and a mix tape. You aint doing that you probably dont have enough bars to compete. Biff Out!

          • marty mcfly

            STFU cause you sound stupid.

          • EMCEE

            people drop mixtapes cause they not as relevant as Hov..artist need to promote themselves so they drop mixtapes and give away free music.. Hov is beyond established and giving away free music is bad business for him..every once in awhile he will drop an ill ass verse that makes the entire rap community have an opinion on something..if that’s not being king i dont know what is..

          • Rachet God da ANTI-CHRI$$$

            the new generation is filled with trash.jayz had albums under his built when he earn his spot in hip hop.while you dick ride Kendrick lamar with 2 albums.j.cole and drake are average artist and in 96 lyrical mc’s were a dime a dozen.your generation dick rides kayne west but he is far from lyrical.the new generation is so stupid that rappers like lil b exist and chief keef exist.the new generation is a bunch of south rappers with simple rhymes who lost there mind when a garbage rapper like lil boosie leaves jail. the new generation does not think for themselves they just bandwagon who is hot.fact is jayz does not need to spit rhymes cuz the new generation is not worth it so he just does half the work and just does songs with people who are below him and with less effort

          • See(sic)

            If you “attach yourself” to these people, you still have to be hot. Jay stands alone, he’s bigging the younger artists up when he gets on a remix. He’s tempting Drake to be the greatest by even mentioning him in the song, letting him know where he has to improve because Jay just poked a hole in his character. Have you seen the video where TDE surprise Kendrick by going in the studio and putting on BDKMV and then Jay comes on? Kendrick was psyched not disappointed. These moves don’t work if Jay isn’t good, I’m sorry. I’m assuming you’re referring to Devil is a Lie, and again, how hot would that song be without Jay? No one would be checking for it. The dude went platinum with an album where the middle bulk of it was just him. In the iTunes era where people can just dl individual songs, that says a lot. Criticizing Jay is like trying to poke holes in kevlar. Fast forward.

          • marty mcfly

            I think people listen to his music cause its sounds good and the like it so they listen cause they want to. Jay cant force people to buy millions of his albums and songs. People just wanted the music so they bought it. Just cause there are other talented MCs dont mean anything, Jay is a talented artists also so I guess there can be more then one. If Em had the best song on BP1 thats great. Why would I be mad at a good song? If people only like BP1 for one song then thats cool, go ahead a listen to that one song then.

          • See(sic)

            A) How can you one up a “nicer MC” if you’re not nice? B) so Jay is supposed to shout out everyone whose beat he rapped on? He probably neglected to shout out Soulja Boy cause he is garbage. His flow is awful. On the other hand, he probably took a shot at Drake because he is nice, therefore he’s checkin him, testing him to be the next great. Come on “Griff”

        • John Jay

          Round of applause to you…
          Many people are focused on the surface, but once you know something you know it, even if you don’t use it.
          Jay Z started as Jay Zee with Jaz-O, then The Jaz on EMI label. Jaz was a memeber of various black organizations and you see it in the “originator” video, it’s there, the NGE, Ansaru Allah, Malachi Z York influences…
          What most people don’t know the huge influence it has had in the mid 80s to early 90s. Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Grand Puba, even Queen Latifah, Busta rhymes, Black Moon not forgetting Wu Tang all have that Five percenters influence or background. And these guys were big back in the days. So Jay-Z being a rapper in the late 80s wasn’t no ignorant of the knowledge…he just chose to put it on the side. So people, don’t understand his connection with occult/spiritual things he’s spitting here and there, he knows that beyond fame and financial success, you have to have “power”, real power, why do all the countries on earth have symbols and rituals or even coat of arms? power is in numbers and symbols. As long as we don’t consciously count our breaths on a daily basis, there is something more than what we see.

      • ProfessorGriff

        Actions speak louder than words. All of this my presence is a blessing is BULLSHIT. We’re supposed to be a happy cause a rich nigger knows he is a nigger. FUCK THAT! Do something for blacks on a global scale. Saying you “get it” on a rap song aint shit. The actions are as follows dude PRAISE $$$ and the other dude is a big time sellout. @Confused hit it on the head.

        • marty mcfly

          Check out the Shawn Carter foundation. He has done something for black people. If you say that he can do more then thats a little selfish because just cause he could do more doesn’t mean he hasn’t done something. Jay has his own family and though he should help black people (which he has), he gotta look out for his own family and friends because thats what he’s supposed to do. The Queen of England could do more to but that doesn’t mean she counts for nothing if she doesn’t help every white person on a global scale. You say Jay has do something for black people on a global scale and he has in many paces throughout the world but the nigga aint got 100 billion like some of these oil companies so he cant just move the whole globe like that.

          • BomptonBlood

            if the homie did ANYTHING for ANYBODY black we would know about it, the same way we ALL know Juicy J just gave out a $50,000 scholarship. You get super rich being a selfish prick not a real one.

          • marty mcfly

            Then I guess you know about it cause what he’s done for black people is obvious and documented each time he’s help somebody out. If JAY hires a black person, signs a black artist, gives a scholarship, gives an opportunity etc… Id say that counts as something.

        • Megamind

          Let me chime in…you’re a LOST nigga b! You in here talking about what a multi-millionaire who came from SHIT needs to be doing? No one said you’re supposed to be anything but your insecurities REAK in this post. Our of ALL the jewels both of them drop in this lil ditty, you took away from it that Hov is telling you to his presence is a blessing? DUMB ASS NIGGA! I can’t stand cats like this…everyone look at this cat…he calls himself Prof Griff…the outspoken, once banished member of PE. You’re a clown. Everything both these cats just spit is FACT!

          I’m not going to even say your a butthurt Drake fan because your post is too direct that you’re mad that Hov grandstanded his REAL accomplishments on a track to rebut a rapper’s (good rapper too) shot in a mainstream publication. Jay could have overlooked it but WHY? I like Drake but you know what’s wrong with this generation is that they achieve/d, success so fast from standing on the shoulders of giants like Jay, Nas, Wayne, Dre, etc..that you young, dumb niggas really think they are in their predecessors respective class. And I added Wayne because as the CRWN interview points out…this cat is a VET! With damn near 20yrs in the game…Drake is like 5 in.
          Yeah he has hot records right now and CURRENTLY spits better than Wayne…but Wayne WAS Cash Money for like 5-6yrs…3-4 albums solid, no other artist….let’s see if Drake can do that and make his OVO Brand into a CMB, ROC, G-Unit, etc.

          Back to your dumb, bitter, broke, ignorant ass…(sorry ya’ll cat’s like this piss me off!) So fkn egregious! If anything YEAH NIGGA WE SHOULD BE THANKING HOV! This cat has taken our culture to places it’s NEVER been and did it all being HIMSELF…never had to play small to be accepted, etc. At the least you should be respecting his acumen, his moves and accomplishments. What have your dumb ass accomplished. I can prob pinpoint your life in a few sentences. Prob semi-high school educated, IF you finished at at…prob got a kid or two and are NOT married…prob marginally employed…prob had run-ins with the law and your name is DEFINITELY in the system or on the books somewhere. So now you read a couple Minister or FOI books and only got part of the message but you want to tell accomplished cats what they should be doing??

          Seek real mentorship bro…if you going be militant, know what you’re rebelling against! You mad a Hov or you mad at yourself??

          Crusty ass nigga!

          Sorry y’all…

          Word from Megamind (i ranted bc I was genuinely pissed off!)

          megamind out!

        • 1_Shot (IV)

          Peace. Actions indeed speak louder then words and in that respect I have to agree with you bro. Do I wish that Jay and other of the giants in hiphop did more for blacks on a global scale…absolutely. Do I think that they all could do more…absolutely.

          BUT….I still have to standby the premise that caused me to want to comment in the first place. That being the concept of throwing the baby out with the bath water, which was my gripe. This is something that is done in HipHop much too often, feels like an expression of the crabs in the barrel mentality and me feeling good and charged after hearing that song read homies remark and caused me to speak on it cause it just felt like some hate. Like why throw shade on the mc’s subject matter when the subject matter is of a positive nature? Period. It’s just like if a gansta rapper makes a song about peace, all of a sudden it’s ..”he soft now” or it’s “how this mothafucka making a song about peace and he done bust guns at someone before?” I disagree with that sentiment and that was my point.

          I think the message is more important then the medium used to present it. Lets keep it funky…the youth today are more lost now then ever before. And any mainstream messages which could promote or spark an interest in something yielding positive results in them or from them should given a positive light. The light is more important then the bulb it’s coming from, so if a jewel or two comes through a song and if the occurrences of such type songs is rare nowadays we need to support these type records instead of diss them. Period. Lets be honest, hearing jay elect and jay z spit some shit that had some positive jewels in it was way better to me then listening to the normal subject spit normally on those type of beats. I personally would much rather hear more of those type of records then of some of what these other artists are doing on those sounding beats.

          Artists pay attention to how things are received, if normal or mainstream artists get great reactions from their initial peers when doing positive or conscious based records they’ll end up making more of them, if a mainstream artist tries to experiment or doing something other than their “norm” and the audience reacts negatively to it, they’ll most likely make even less of those types of records.

          Records with positive shit in them from an artist like Jay with his sphere of influence and ability to make shit authentically “cool” can only yield positive results. If Jay’s music has the ability that by quoting something from the lessons or saying something “conscious” can cause a youth to start to question or pick up a book, we need to big that up not knock it down. I could keep going about this, the bottom line is if the audience supports these types of records more often, more of them will be made, it’s little things like that that can help to start a shift in thinking. And Jay Elect been on this subject matter since day one so I’m happy to see the brother continuing to do him, had he changed up his subject matter to the mundane subject matter thats common in mainstream hiphop then I would have said he selling out, but I’m just speaking musically I don’t know anything about the brother’s personal life. Peace.

          • Professor Griff

            I respect this. A real point from a real dude. When you say the youth is more lost than ever remember that we are listening to a crack dealer who made it by any means necessary and he is not doing anything to aide or help anyone outside of himself. Even on this track its more devil references. I think he is doing more harm than good considering a whole nation of “kids” look up to him to see how to be a successful man. Everyone thinks praising and worshipping money is the only way because this energy is passed thru songs such as these. Jay Elec doesnt fall under this umbrella on this record but even the fact that he refuses to feed the streets the positivity on a constant basis makes me look at him sideways as well. Its something to be said about the company you keep. Also if an artist’s is creating art based on people’s reception they are NOT a true artist in the first place they are popularity whores. Just overstand this.

          • marty mcfly

            Niggas only pay attention to the negative. How came when Jay say something positive then nobody wants to make a big deal about that? Why every time Jayz pays for somebody college education (Jay has done that every year for more then a decade for alot of black people) nobody makes a big deal about that? When Jay hires a black person and gives them a job how come nobody pointing out Jay did a good thing. Jay putting clean supplies of water over in Africa, why you aint saying good job nigga? Jay dropping jewels along side of an artist thats doing the same that Roc Nation is putting out, why niggas aint say thank you? Jay just showing up to show support at different events of other black people? Why you cant say see he’s doing something positive. You count how many negative lyrics you hear but ignore how many of them are positive. You look at the black people Jay has not helped but dont mention the black people he has helped. You count those he has negatively influenced but dont speak on those he has positively inspired. Thats some crab shit.

          • See(sic)

            I agree with all of that. The subject matter in this song is unreal, so inspiring, no matter what colour you are IMO, and the positive needs to be held up out of the negative. I don’t know one person who says all negative or all positive things… It’s all definitive, real and raw. To the commenters above, I’m curious as to what more Jay could do for “blacks globally”? What hasn’t he done besides be a beacon of hope for impoverished youth, a shining example of what can happen. I don’t know if people really understand the position Hov is in. Came from NOTHING. Very few of these other millionaires he is on a level with had to overcome the kind of odds that he did. But apparently he being a rags-to-riches story with more chapters to write, along with the philanthropy mentioned above, is just not enough. Maybe I can’t relate because I’m not black, in fact I almost surely cannot, and maybe this is a bad example, but I don’t criticize Em every time he comes out with a song and say “I wish he would do more for whites globally” . In other words, what else does Jay Z owe to blacks? Thoughts?

          • marty mcfly

            COSIGN. The best thing Jay can do for black people is keep doing what he’s doing. Inspire and motivate them to help themselves. Jay is not supposed come clean up everyones personal life. He’s supposed to INSPIRE

        • Craig

          I’m with u @griff and @confused cause, Jay Elect does have a white woman and JayZ worships money, its good he knows what he knows but he has been in a position for years to actually do something, an the greatest thing he should be doing is bringing hiphop artists an rappers together since hes the so called King of rap. This is just more lipservice just like Obama, a bunch of fake caring.

          • Nickey Negrito

            I thought Jay was with Badu.

          • Craig


          • Marlow †

            what can he do honestly im trying to understand what you guys are looking for, you may think Jay Z has a lot of money, but he obviously doesn’t have close to the amount that these guys with REAL influence have, no matter if you want to accept it, money gives you a voice and enough influence to actually do something, listen to those kanye interviews carefully

      • Selorm Amuzu

        The same people who undermine Jay-Z’s success are the same people who try to force him to be their “black saviour” and the moment the man makes a positive move they still undermind him. Funny thing is when Jay-Z says my presence is charity, as arrogant as it is, it doesn’t help these people’s arguments against him when you lot ask Jay to save black people remember Barneys everyone?

        • marty mcfly

          Just the mentally that people have that Jay is supposed to ‘save” all black people is unrealistic and stupid to begin with.

      • cA


  • 6thStGoon

    I am about to go download Migos last mix tape. I must be missing something. Happy to see Jay Z actually act like a rapper for a change and spit some new shit.

  • Mac Diesel

    Not impressed because I know we wont hear from Jay Elec for another 5 years. I hate that these guys still rap but they not hungry. Hunger Pains make you a great MC. These dudes is shadows of they former self.

  • JonWayne646

    I know BDot gotta work hard to delete any hate on the God Jay Z. Work overtime nigga. Hope you getting paid time and a half. And btw I hate the Migos, I HATE Soulja Boy so I HATE THIS!!!! bad choice. holy fail.

  • Datduderay

    This song is not jays best at all but for a guy who says he’s 44 and others say he’s older it amazes me that the bars he spits is still appealing to the ear. Alot of rappers career dont get to see 37 and still make billboard hits. I really wonder if he plans on rapping past 49

  • Clayton Bigsby

    I literally can’t listen to the Dr

  • FreSH82

    Hov body bagged this shit!

  • 340

    Dam soon has 50 was getting a buzz. Kill 2 birds with one stone by dissing Drake and killing 50 buzz for the week.

  • Matthew Morgan

    The day Jay electronica drops his album…it should be amazing

  • Matthew Morgan

    Jay z kilt that btw…ya’ll some hating ass nigga tho…smh….

  • man i been playing this same song for like 2 hours in it keep getting better. every play

  • GreenBergs


  • Taurus

    Every year Drake makes more impact than anyone.. just look how they all stay using this flow that Drake popularized.. This is the Drake generation. PERIOD.

    • Fidel Cash Flow


    • Rachet God da ANTI-CHRI$$$

      yet he turns around and still migos flow.nothing about drake is special he just great to market.he is half white/jew and does songs women like.

    • Jesus Christ

      Drake capitalized off making songs for women!!! men follow women and women consume more than men. so it was a smart move cause at the time no one wanted to hear hardcore rap THAT TIME IS OVER!!!!!!

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      Drake stole his flow from Kirk Bangs and the rest of Houston. GTF out of here.

  • Fidel Cash Flow

    This is mean and vicious !!

  • RodneyKingJr

    can we all agree Jay Z was Ether’d by Nas and can we also all agree that Takeover was about Prodigy, not Nas. Can we just all agree that Nas kilt Jay Z forever no matter anyone’s business acumen. Can we all agree being a good businessman doesn’t make u a nice MC. Can we all agree that Bill Gates is a better businessman than Jay Z but he would’ve been ether’d the same way. Can we all agree Jay never recovered from Ether. Can we all agree on whats real?

    • TheFamilyRosenberg

      Can we all agree that Jay Z NEVER wanted to see Kanye shine and as soon as he did he attached himself to him even to this day. Can we all agree Jay Z ruined RocAFella Records because he can’t stand the fact that MCs are just nicer than him. Can we all agree that if he was friends with Big Daddy Kane, why isnt there a Big Daddy Kane class or foundation that we all hear and know about or a Biggie one. Can we all agree that Jay might be one of the worst rappers out especially now that he put himself under Soulja Boy and the Migos.

      • TfromWashHeights

        I hadnt thought of this until Rosenberg said it on air but he was making some solid points. Cant say Hov put himself under nobody though. He still one of the best to do it.

        • Norrie

          Hov’s last album didn’t have any Kanye on it–2x platinum. Hov’s 1st and 2nd biggest singles, ESOM and Holy Grail, did not feature Kanye. Rosenberg was being tongue-in-cheek…not serious.

          • BlackShady

            I dont think he was being tongue and cheek I think he was dead ass serious. Jay didnt become JAY Z until Blueprint which Kanye produced thats just real. It took that sound and the Nas battle to propel him to the upper echelon.

          • Rachet God da ANTI-CHRI$$$

            your fucking stupid for this comment cuz jayz was already jayz way before that its just the hood co-sign jayz while when white America did not know of him

          • marty mcfly

            Jay became JAYZ when his third album went 5 times platinum after Hardknock Life came out so what the fuck you talking about. In 1998 you couldn’t go 1 hour without hearing a Jayz song on radio or Tv.

          • Norrie

            Rosenberg said himself he was being tongue-in-cheek. Hov’s biggest selling album was 3 years before BP. The 2 biggest songs at his shows –P.S.A. & U Don’t Know– weren’t produced by Kanye. I know it’s not cool to like Hov b/c he’s the biggest rapper in the world but if you gonna hate, get your facts straight fam.

        • Megamind

          Don’t be an idiot…Before Kanye even worked with Jay…Jay had 2 classics…Reasonable Doubt, Hard Knock Life…shit I’ll through in Streets Is Watching compilation as a solid back up! Rosenberg don’t know shit about hiphop! He knows underground shit…Chud dwelling ass ngga!

          • HipHopHistorian

            Reasonable Doubt wasnt a classic when it came out. I think everyone was still bumping Me Against The World by 2Pac at that time which was a classic.

          • Rachet God da ANTI-CHRI$$$

            your right but what makes it a classic is I can still bump it after all these can call something a classic If it does not stand the test of time. J.cole album was not a classic none of them songs anybody would want to listen to 20 years from now.

      • Megamind

        Dumb Nigga Blues…SMH…

    • marty mcfly

      We all agree that you sound like a hater.

    • JADatsyuk

      Can we all agree that no matter what Hov says or does, someone will ALWAYS find a way to hate on something?

  • Rachet God da ANTI-CHRI$$$

    I will admit jayz sticks to new people to stay in the game and I don’t blame him.this new generation are a bunch of soft hipster who don’t co-sing lyrics just what sounds good. still drake wants no parts of jayz,after nas gave that nigga either he will be damned a soft nigga like drake kill him in rhymes.jayz got bars waiting for that dude so he should just stick to going at Kendrick cuz this freestyle sound like he gonna get on some shit

  • GetReal

    ima just say it since y’all niggas is sucking hov’s dick heavy, jay elec most definitely got jay on here

  • GetReal

    and niggas been rappin like the migos way before the migos even came out

    • ogphound

      thats like saying QBs been playing like mike vick before mike vick was born.. c’mon

  • Illuminati_ puppet_master

    Brace yourself for the main event
    Y’all impatiently waiting
    It’s like an AIDS test, what’s the results?
    Not positive, who’s the best? Pac, Nas and Big
    Ain’t no best, East, West, North, South, flossed out, greedy
    I embrace y’all with napalm
    Blows up, no guts, left chest, face gone
    How could Nas be garbage?
    Semi-autos at your cartilage
    Burner at the side of your dome, come outta my throne
    I got this, locked since ‘9-1
    I am the truest, name a rapper that I ain’t influenced
    Gave y’all chapters but now I keep my eyes on the Judas
    With Hawaiian Sophie fame, kept my name in his music
    Check it!

    • RodneyKingJr


  • Belize

    Dammmm HOV went deep in these bars #pause

  • joe

    Damn wasn’t these niggas all good since Pound Cake…?

  • martin lee

    lupita nyong’o , mexico stand up!

  • Real Rap

    Stunting on stage after 12 years of stage. WOW

    • Michael Ibbett

      12 years a slave

  • ThaRealHater

    “It bothers me when the Gods get to actin like the broads…”

  • Breathing air

    Hov really is God, b/c he has to breathe air back into this “suffocating rap game”

  • Khaleel Ward

    he said Mr. Drizzy, not Mrs

  • keepin it trill

    this shit is average at best, another sub-par freeatyle from 2 artists past their prime, another plain generic uninspired flacd run of the mill


    For the record Hov did drop a mix tape, and a dope one at that. That S. Carter mixtape was crack. And as far as Maino calling himself K.O.B he went on The Breakfast Club and stated that he wasn’t talking about Hov because “Hov is in another league” he wasn’t trying to disrespect Hov because he knows he’s not in the same league as him. Watch the interview with Maino on the breakfast club you’ll .

  • Denice King

    this gave me everything i needed for the week

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Drake the type of nigga to call his best friend girl and tell her she can do better

  • Abe6772

    I want to like this, but my faith in rap is so lost that I can’t get my hopes up… meh

  • Craig

    Live from the cotton fields straight to the space ship, that line was hot, the black/African references were well needed as well, but the fact is Jay Elect has a white woman. “Double Consciousness”. But Jay say yall hella jealous of my Melatonin, that killed Drake alone.

    This song is FIRE though! Lots of Jewels. Shame they had Kenny Powers an his gay friend on the track.

  • Seriously4

    Two days ago they were saying COULD jay Z snatched drake for roc nation? now a day later he throwing shots at the man he could possibly sign…just stop

  • Ozz

    ooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo god dAMMMNNN this is what i live for. this is hip hop reminds me of the first time i heard how sick gov around the blue print-blue print. when you hear him rap and i don’t care who you are, if your into hip hop including rappers you knew you weren’t fucking with that verse. this is one of those verses like when he did diamonds remix OOOOoooooo drake just got spanked and sent to time out where wayne has been since that same type of verse on j.coles mr.nice watch wayne didn’t say shit after thatttt

  • BK!!


  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    “from the snakes and the fakes and the corny hand shakes, nigga we made it”

    dammmmmnnn!!! Drop some Funk Flex bombs on that shit.

    • REALLY23

      But they dick rode the flow…

      • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

        what do you mean?

  • Raj

    Are you sure…he said Mr Drizzy…sounds like to me he said “Sorry Misses Drizzy”…but this site won’t talk about that because they are busy blowing drake….smh…ya’ll really are on that side taking bs…SMDH

  • BCE

    Everyone will talk about that Drizzy line but You all Just had your first black history lesson. Congratulations!

  • KJN

    Jigga That Nigga!

  • no comment

    Jay Z used melatonin the same way Kanye used “suicide doors.” Are they jealous of your sleep cycles Jay?

  • TH

    He clearly says “Mista” not Mr, Ms, or Mrs.

  • gerald

    Jay E x Jay Z = The Real Watch The Throne

  • Matt

    shitted on drizzy

  • Jesus Christ

    Best Track od 2014!!!

  • Shabazz


  • wei sheng

    the comments are crazy, i get a kick out of all the assumptions and opinions of bloggers, if only some really had a true thought process, sit back and read what they post, truly each comment would be a comment of this tracks true meaning… is known for battling/best emcee, and the conscience of both of the these emcee’z is way beyond todays hiphop/rap, this track supercedes anything on the radio/video that is dumbing down the genre that has lifted us as a ppl and has opened the mind of other cultures. tracks like this will never be pushed for radio spins or #1 chart topping music by execs of record co.’s. it brings to much truth and knowledge to the ppl. funny how the track has been taken down in just a day, none of these blog sites that featured the track don’t have it anymore?!?!?!?! now it could be a move by either emcee or….well…you know, i don’t need to spell it out….index, middle!!!!

    • REALLY23

      No… It’s been removed because it was weak.

      • wei sheng

        says you?!?! sounds like you’ve been asleep for a long time, like the rest of society when it comes to awareness. i don’t know you and dont care to know so unless it’s factual or something to uplift brothers…………..?!?!…….well, i don’t internet bang, im no keyboard killer or a mousepad mobster like the rest of the blog bang society(BBS) so if you have just a little bit of sense, then you get my drift, nuff respect, index middle!!!

  • TexasMoneyBags

    Jay Z is still the Undisputed King of Rap and I don’t give a fuck YMCMB and Baby are hyping Drake up to step to Jay for a battle, that HE WILL LOSE. Hova will body Drake like he did Lil Wayne (T.I. ft Jay Z Watch What You Say To Me) S/o to YN, Jay Electronica is Back. Lame Niggas Be Quiet……….Deuces!!!


    This is terrible. Jay Elect aint a put out a verse or track in 3 years and this the best he can do? That shit is wack as fuck. And Jigga dont deserve to be called Hov no more. That man either needs to quit or hop of the new nigga wave and get back to actually spitting.


    JAY VERSE OVERRATED FAM. CMON! WHY Y’ALL ALWAYS BURYING JAY ELEC JUST CUZ OTHER NIGGAS WANNA TAKE SHOTS ON THE SAME TRACK? Jay flow was fucking garbage rushed and forced to me. Y’all talk shit on Eminem stop and go flow yet accept crammed flow garbage all cuz he attack Drizzy on his own joint. FOH

  • Loss

    WTF a women sticks a baseball bat in her pussy lmao a must see imperialhiphop

  • truth

    lupita isnt hot at all smh

  • IG: claytondadon

    its been a long since hip-hop isn’t annoying no more… seems like i felt in love with it once again.. hip-hop is beautiful..

  • GodDyhu Harrison

    Peace to the Gods on the Wisdom God day this track got nothing but constant jewels and 1 diss to Drake, The Gods dropped this track on the Wisdom Understanding day all being born to power so let it be what it is!


  • GodDyhu Harrison

    The only reason why Jigga went at Drake was because he was on his beat this was another beat it would be a whole different verse