New Video: Chris Brown Ft. Lil Wayne x Tyga “Loyal”

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.37.31 AM

Easy Breezy.

These days, it seems as if Chris Brown’s in the headlines more for his legal woes than music. But despite his current incarceration, “the powers that be” have released his latest visual aid featuring Lil Wayne, Tyga, and a whole lotta dancing. The song will appear on Chris’ X which is scheduled to drop later this year.

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  • TruthOrTruth

    Men being dressed as women still not out of style, huh? Bout time though…

  • trill

    smh this nigga chris is talented. but always fuckin up

  • yeep

    So…they just through French Montana ass clean off the record I see lol ..HA HA

    • estwst

      i dont think they could clear his verse, to many Ma$e references, Diddy need all that $

  • KJN

    French is off the song? Lmao. Thought he was decent too. Tyga did his best.

  • Smoothg718

    Don’t believe everything you’re told bout Chris Brown, most of it is just the media/”powers at be” tryna throw dirt on him because hes not following suit (my educated guess/opinion).

    Not even a fan of his music like that but wish him the best.


    I fux wit it.

  • Luke1The3Duke

    lmao look at these silly “hoes” boppin around to the fact that “they aint loyal”
    the shit just makes me giggle mane

  • Jackson Fai Martinez Quispe


  • Jackson Fai Martinez Quispe

    chris is talented

  • Jackson Fai Martinez Quispe

    this nigga pitbull