• Adavion M. ⚡

    tough .

  • cannon

    I used to dodge all the los post not paying him no mind but then I clicked on his mixtape and MAANN dude GOT SOME HEAT!

  • Real Talk (Amazing Dude)

    due has talent

  • Sebastian Stant

    Wow. You could feel the authenticity in that.

  • REalSpeaksREal

    the freestyle that he did on sway in the moring was classic and this one doesnt fall short either best freestyle i’ve heard in a while probably the best sense K.Dot was on his Press run for good kid maad city.
    Very impressive to say the least

    • Christina T. Gutowski

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    he fell off at the end…

  • Brandon Pitts

    This mixtape is Dumb Fire

  • @djicecold

    HA! “my fault, did I spazz?” on DUMMY