• majormar

    Weak. And they my niggas

  • Trillionare

    This aint a State Prop track…. No Oschino, No Neef, No Sparks and this shit sucks!!

    • PTK

      this is the squad, they don’t need the rest.

  • Jerzzz

    This ain’t the whole Chain Gang but the tracks cool. Sound like Beans recorded that hook over the phone though. Always good to hear State Prop

    • Guest

      this is the squad, they don’t need the rest

    • Van Sertima
  • Van Sertima

    beans, free, chris, and crack are state prop. buck don’t care as long as chris is shining. oschino has personal issues and sparks was never on every track.

    most people don’t even understand the significance of this track.
    foh shit’s dope