New Video: 50 Cent “Pilot”

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 10.20.32 AM

Flight 187.

Hours after releasing the audio, 50’s in the cockpit of his new video directed by Eif Rivera. Produced by Shamtrax, it sounds as if Fif’s finally found his footing. Animal Ambition is penciled in for June 3rd.

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  • sQoolboy

    His flow on the verses is excellent man!
    I don’t know about the hook but I can’t get it out my head! 50 releasing quality!

  • jasey

    back up off me & watch me ball, luv this one

  • .stillnotsoft.


  • Hussle

    He’s definitely on his grind!! Gotta respect that

  • Anti-Hero

    This is like the 3rd video in a week.

    Haters mad as fuck.

  • M.I.C.

    Just bought this on itunes. Video is dope to.

  • RealNiggaShit

    FIF Bring yayo and Banks back into the fold bro you can fix this if you want to remove ur ego those ur day 1 niggas other than that keep up the good work bro

    • Anti-Hero

      if you had a plant that didn’t grow for 10 years would you keep watering it or throw it out and gets some fresh seeds?

      • I caught that one on his instagram too haha.

    • Hannibal Lecture

      Banks and Yayo are finished laziness and complacency keep them irrelavent!

  • Justin TimberBAKED

    This nigga trying so hard!!! Hahaha

    • Get Moneynigga


      • Justin TimberBAKED

        No, but your boy 50 career is! Hahaha

  • Get Moneynigga

    Finally a video that actually matches the record.50 4 out of 4 with videos.It needed more bad bitches bouncing they ass,that’s what I wanted see.

  • Kev

    This track is dope! Best track so far out the ones he’s released off this album.

    • Jon Long

      First decent song he has had in seven years. This is hot.

      • Anti-Hero

        its funny when people say shit like this. It’s obvious you haven’t been listening or paying attention to everything he’s done if you really believe he hasn’t had 1 decent song before this in 7 years,

        • Jon Long

          He hasn’t had a hot record in 7 years. Not my fault dude. Blame 50

          • Darth Plagueis

            I just want to know one thing and I don’t mean any offense with it at all… does Steve Stoute’s cum taste as good now as when you first drank it?

  • PoorHomieeQuann

    this a banger now im curious to hear the 2 tracks dre did for him

  • YV


  • Hannibal Lecture

    I love 50 he grindin but not feeling this track sorry!

  • MMG Suede

    Bruddas in the comment section only lovin it to embarrass Ross but this won’t be in the club and will struggle on radio its old 50 which I like but thats the problem its dated lol. But ayy if it really makes you guys happy its kool, just my opinion tho

    • MMG Pleather

      struggle on the radio? LOL what Mastermind song is getting played on the radio?

      • Mike Markidis

        all of them

        • splifffthisdick

          Maybe in a big big big city. Not in indiana. Anywhere. Not in Indy. I took a delviery to 96th street from IU and our trucks only got the radio so I put on the radio and I didn’t hear a single thing from Ross.. Or 50.. But Ross shit gay dude. Sounds like a movie and that is not a good thing. Over produced and raps that are so fake that they sound like a screen play. How niggas in the hood relate to that?

          • Mike Markidis

            the HOOD lol continue shooting jumpers in yall peach baskets stay outta big city talk bama!

          • BK!!

            so true….

          • Mike Markidis

            u cant be from bklyn! smh

        • EchoxHotel

          Lmao u believe that lol

          • Mike Markidis

            I’m all over east coast radio besides living in ny homie Ross gets heavy rotation even 50 first 2 jawns gettn play but this sux it’s flat

      • MMG Suede

        nearly the whole album lol

        • DRD

          No shit that is why Rozay couldn’t get any higher than #22 on the urban radio chart with Jay Z on his fucking single and not one song from Mastermind made it on Billboard chart

  • EchoxHotel

    How many of these so called poppin rappers who are hot are releasing videos with a budget back to back to back to back like fif?

    • Mike Markidis

      who cares ish trash homie

      • EchoxHotel

        Glad you think so homie, it bangs to me so…

        • Mike Markidis

          That’s all that counts n joy bro

    • smh

      He gone release a video for EVERY SONG on the album. He got a BILLBOARD in time square. He flying his PRIVATE JET all over the world doing RADIO and TV INTERVIEWS! He PAYING BIG MONEY for FEATURES! And his album gone do 50K the FIRST WEEK! 50 gone LOSE MILLIONS fucking with this MIXTAPE I mean ALBUM LOL!
      Since he INDIE he had to PAY for the BEATS and STUDIO TIME too! If he was SMART hell drop RIGHT NOW why he got a BUZZ on the INTERNET because the RADIO in my city aint played a 50 SONG since IN THE CLUB LOL

      • Shady

        1)you live under a cave
        2) Fif has his own studio
        3) Fif has his own video production unit
        4) Shut up hoe *Royceda5’9″ voice

        • smh

          he has his own studio but do he make the beats? Do he run the mixing boards? Do he mix and master his own music? Do he direct his own videos? THIS SHIT COST MONEY! And when 50 sell 50K copies the FIRST WEEK he gone be in the RED! How much you think that BIG ASS BILLBOARD “COST” in TIME SQUARE? How much you think JADA and P “TAXED” this nigga for a FEATURE they damn sure didn’t do it for FREE!

          • Bkmkj

            News flash dicchead the nigg is filthy rich…he can waste millions on whatever he wants…i mean he did it on banks last album didnt he? yea…

          • smh

            not really because BBOB when PLATINUM and 50 CASH IN because banks is still signed to 50 as artist. So all 50 did was re-invest the BBOB MONEY into banks album. Then 50 took ALL THE CREDIT that’s why Banks aint fucking with dude. He KNOW if his MUSIC POP 50 will TAKE ALL THE CREDIT!

          • Bkmkj

            How the fugg did he take the credit? you buggin…nigg 50 does not beat his artist out they bread like puff jay and baby do…that one platinum record does not cover the whole album buddy…the fact of the matter is 50 is fuggin filthy rich so he can so called waste money on himself and his project all he wants…he got it like that…

      • EchoxHotel

        and your point is?

        • smh

          if 50 so SMART why he LOSING so MUCH MONEY?

          • EchoxHotel

            How you figure he’s losing money? Where do you get your info from? You reaching hard smh (pun)

          • smh

            10 Videos. a billboard on time square. Flying around the world paying for tv and radio interviews. Paying for beats. Paying for features. Paying his street and internet team. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY IT COST TO DO THE SHIT 50 DOING? He’s not SPENDING THE LABELS MONEY THIS SHIT COMING OUT OF HIS POCKET! Lets say he do 50K copies and he making 7 dollars a albums. THAT ONLY 350K! That what he spent VIDEOS and FEATUES! It cost 10 GEES to full up the PRIVATE JET!

          • EchoxHotel

            Say he sells 100k by the end of his run even 90k what then? A billboard in times square cost at the least a million bucks and 50 can throw away a million bucks for nuthing. And two i doubt he’s spending his personal earnings because believe it or G-Unit Records has a budget and im pretty sure he has it set up perfect so i need not worry. If he needed a major to do any of this stuff im pretty sure he would be on a major do obviously he has the means to do it. And as far as in house production team, all the producers Sha Money XL signs to his team are considered in house producers right? You still have to pay your employees and that goes for ross who you claim has a “free” in house production team ha laughable. And you know what a budget is right? The label uses it to pay label expenses, like features, production, sample clearences, promotion etc. dont get it twisted like 50 aint a business man he got that shit covered. Ross wish he could do the shit 50 do. Its easy for Ross he got diddy as a manager and def jam as a label please and when its all done ross better recoup cause im pretty sure def jam losing more than they getting back off the “boss” lol

          • smh

            Sha Money SIGNED to DEF JAM he WORK FOR ROSS! LOL and Gunit as LABEL don’t have a DEAL! Interscoped DROPPED GUNIT when 50 was beefing with ross! Its no Budget when you INDIE! 50 is spending his OWN MONEY and he is LOSING MONEY!

          • EchoxHotel

            Sha money still has his own production company where he signs producers and gets them placements and there beats sold. And by the way Sha is the head of A&R at epic records and when he was at def jam he was the Vice President of A&R so basically yea try again. And G-unit records dont need a label its independent its distributed by capitol/caroline dude they handle they own business.

          • DonGordo

            You are buggin Gz, regardless of whatever…ya man Ross is following 50 blueprint…not Puff or Jigga. Also, Sha Money left Def Jam after he broke 2Chainz and Big KRIT…now he’s at Epic and he broke Yo Gotti mainstream. Eif Riviera is making money off every big rapper shootin vids for 50s enemies and then breaking bread with him because he’s in house. Jadakiss hasn’t released a solo or digital album since like 06?? They can’t overcharge sh!t, features for 50 gives ANY artist a bigger audience because he’s a global superstar not reduced to the US & UK like Officer Ricky and Co.

          • NEWSKULL

            “Don’t Worry about it/Don’t worry about it/Don’t worry about a motherfukking thang!”…
            First of all, 50 been doing this since 2012 without an album out and without touring just mixtapes… So not only he knows what to expect from the fans, he was still able to make 8 Mill dollars every year…
            Second of all, that’s a semi low budget video aka it didn’t cost a 100k to do this, let’s say all in all , the cost of recording of the track and shooting the video were 250k… 50 released it on iTunes which means he gets 7$ for each download… If 50 sells at least 40K of this single on iTunes he will recoup… Guess what He already sold 20K for this single and the other one…
            Finally At this point 50 doesn’t CARE about selling big first week numbers… it is all about Touring and Merchandising… The Merchandising include his books, his cds, his sms audio headphones, his sms clothing, his straight to DVDs movies, his sk energy drink and his hangwith app…

            Not sure if he can’t tour as much as he used to do?… 50 brand is not what it used to be?… you may ask yourself?… Check this out… sms audio is now distributed in 60 countries around the world… Yep 60!…. that’s how strong and worldwide the 50 Cent brand is… See the touring he is able to do and the headphones, dvds, energy drink, and books he can sell at his venues, the promotion he can do for his fighters and his TV shows, and all the interesting live stream he will put on hangwith?… See the money he will make next year?…
            JUST DIE!… Haters… DIE!

      • EchoxHotel

        Have you ever thought that 50 saves millions on beats cause he would rather have simple production instead of those over priced bs beats niggas be getting?? Why you think niggas like ross and them stay on the road for damn near a year straight, they stil paying for them banging beats yall like. He’s been doing that forever, use up and coming producers or in house producers via sha money save money and have money for promotion, smart man.

        • smh

          ross got IN HOUSE PRODUCTION homie. now that’s a SMART man! and he SWOP VERSE so he PAYS for NOTHING! ENIMES work with 50 because he PAY GOOD!

          • EchoxHotel

            If you believe he pays for nothing you are as dumb as your name sounds

          • smh

            he PAY for some shit but not VERSES and BEATS. Justice League is IN HOUSE! SPLIFF and DRE FILMS are IN HOUSE! Cool and Dre are IN HOUSE! Khalid BEAT TEAM is IN HOUSE! He not PAYING for much homie! 50 just spent 3 MILLION to sell 50K copies LOL

          • EchoxHotel

            Again if you believe that u are real gullable

        • It’s Just Music

          Yo 50 cent dick rider, we know he saves millions on beats cause all the beats (except the funeral) were fucking garbage.

          50 doesn’t care about music, he makes shit like this for dumb asses like you who spend money to hear him make the same song.

          he left interscope due to headphone competition, nothing about music.

          trust me we know he’s saving millions homie, he has 5 years in the game max and that’s me being generous. I was a huge fan but this shit garbage.

          • EchoxHotel

            Just Music how bout you got thataway—-> dont care for your opinion. Just explaining to someone how a lable works.

          • It’s Just Music

            So what record label you own buddy that you know so much about how labels work?

          • EchoxHotel

            Its called school troll, art & music courses at full sail come in handy anything else you wanna know?

          • It’s Just Music

            sad that your parents are wasting 80k on Fool Sail cause you don’t know a thing about music, or how it works apparently.

            Have fun 🙂

          • EchoxHotel

            Oh i dont so how did you accuire so much knowledge of the music business to tell me what i learned is invalid. I hope you running a lable i pray to god you are running a lable. Cause to tell me learning about it at a school is not good i hope you the next russle simmons

          • It’s Just Music

            I went to school for it but not blowing 80k on it lol.
            I deal with shit like this with a day to day basis and know producers actually IN the game. I know how this works.

            BTW, make sure you learn how to capitalize your “I” ‘s and actually learn how to spell LABEL. Fool Sail doesn’t show proper grammar usage I see tsk tsk tsk,

    • 50 worth like 200 million so he really an indie/major artist still

      • EchoxHotel

        Thats what im saying, he got his shit covered

  • Mike Markidis

    rozay just has a better ear for beats and is aligned with the now in the industry…50 isolated himself from everybody even his own cru with the negativity, ny artists dont trust him lol and this sounds like a outdated candy shop pt 3 sorry its a fail…1st 2 tracks straight fire though gettn heavy rotation in the truck

    • Afro Mendi

      outdated? get the heck out my way…

      • Mike Markidis

        Beat it! Your not qualified to challenge my opinion bama

  • kanye west

    the best one so far.

  • 50stoleanigganameTOOsoSTOPIT!

    50 STOLE a few ROSS LINES in this song lol When he talk about his homie coming home from and he ready to go back for killing a nigga. then he said his bitch look like his bankrole lol MY BITCH BAD LOOKING LIKE A BAG OF MONEY!

  • justasking

    why every time 50 drop a video ross get more comments?

  • iseerashonal

    Just realized ppl are so hard on 50. No one critics the other music like they do a 50 song…plus u cant judge a song by listening to it once

  • el jim chapo guzman

    50 back,,, captain save a NY shi TYPE OF SHIT RIGHT HERE.

  • Capuccino

    fly shit, pun intended

  • EricHeisenberg

    pretty nice beat.

  • Mylo


  • 50 fan not stan

    Please thumbs up if u think 50 should get Curren$y on this track its cross marketing at its best if it gets enough likes it mite get to him…

    • Michael Ibbett


  • The More You Know

    I see this and the song still ain’t top 5 while Kid Cudi and WU-Block are with way less ratings and comments.

  • Ja3s0n22

    Don’t call it a comeback

  • You can tell who REALLY has money/funding by the quality of their videos..

  • tessa

    still singing hooks after all the years of him dissing ja rule for the same damn thing. this video is not an expensive video. it will disappear. he has to rap about something else. not this one.

    • Anti-Hero

      he was singing hooks before he dissed ja rule for that.

  • Kevin Banks

    50 biting Pusha’s new God flow that alot of rappers have been biting since 2013 but he disguised it well and that sounded a lot like how Schoolboy Q does his hooks, 50 been dropping club records lately but this is not gonna be a hit.

  • KDOT

    I’ve been a fan of 50 and his new stuff is getting there but there’s only so many ways he rap about how money he’s got. He needs some substance to his music.

  • IG: claytondadon

    finally after the massacre 50 get an album that i will have… i will definitely have that one #EPIC