Chief Keef Investigated For A Shooting

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.46.15 PM

Bang Bang.

A shooting took place earlier today at Chief Keef’s residence at Northfield, Illinois. Details are sketchy, but according to reports, the victim is currently in ICU. Although authorities say Keef wasn’t the shooter, they believe he was present and  taken into custody.


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  • blackholesurfer

    just drop this clown off the label. this kid is dumber than a box of rocks just look at him looks a lil slow if you ask me.

  • well done interscope u done made a coon lord

    • BruceLeroyCantFckWithDaGoat

      That was those devils plan the whole time

  • Chronic

    Is this kid serious? He has to have hundreds of thousands of dollars and he still hanging around people who are doin this shit?

    • LuckyP

      well he didn’t recoup by selling 400k records. with that being said he never received all of the money he was supposed to. he fucked up a lot of money by going to jail, so I’m sure whats left is dwindling away.

  • NightBlazer

    Just nuke Chi-Town and get rid of future problems


    • killmovez 313

      Again thats Northfield! What yo chi town head ass. Read the story son .

  • Epul

    Why is he still in the chi?

    • killmovez 313

      Does that look like it say chi town? Its says Northfield dumbass thats the burbs .

      • Epul

        That really upset you, didn’t it?

  • drewsmit24

    If unintelligence was hamburgers Chief Keef would be Ronald McDonald

  • Donn

    Hold on. I thought rappers posed to do what they rap about??? Now it’s not cool?? But we hate fake rappers

    • Michael Ibbett

      I think maybe when they give glorified details of an intelligent criminal history, but when its a young and shooting cuz im dumb, its a little different. Plus hes a horrible rapper and every corner of every hood has a kid like him, doesn’t mean anyone wants to hear him mumble incoherently over a beat. Maybe if he rapped more upfront about it like: “I will shoot you for little to no reason because im literally half retarded like Gucci mane, and you should always fear my super retarded strength” … it’d be a tad better


  • who cares


  • BruceLeroyCantFckWithDaGoat

    Maybe this clown thinks being locked up will be more safe then being in those chi-town streets cause it seems like he wants to go to jail.