• Homie Terell

    Never followed Danny before. I listened to Old but wasn’t feeling it. I saw the BET cypher and wasn’t feeling it. Never understood the missing tooth thing and why he had such a large buzz. Watching this video, I have a new respect for him…seems very humble and is clearly being himself.

    • Goodness Gracious

      Thats what makes him more likable. He’s himself and knows how to laugh at himself. If it wasnt for Arsenio, I cant see Danny Brown getting on any show on network TV and given the chance to perform. I like Danny Brown. I thought the interview and performance were both cool.

      • veesky

        He did Jimmy Kimmel, earlier this year. He’s not everybody’s cup of tea but he’s got talent, drive and a lot of respect in the game.

  • Jon

    Detroit aka The D! Is one of the most notorious major cities in America! But got two cornballs like danny brown and big sean reppin ? I kno them niggas pissed lol.

    • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

      Danny Brown is dope. Niggas ain’t even heard his old shit he did with Black Milk or his XXX tape. Nigga been nice, he just switched up his style & look a lil bit