Eminem & Outkast Headline Lollapalooza


Loose Yourself.

The 10th annual Lollapalooza music festival is going down August 1-3 at Chicago’s Grant Park. Eminem will return as a headliner along with OutKast.

The three-day event will also include performances from Nas, Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper, Jhene Aiko and more. Tickets available here.


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  • paddy

    eminem as a performer is very dull. people forget hes in his 40s and doesn’t give off the same energy as he once did

    • Ghost Dog

      cant agree there that dude def has energy on stage its just a little different to the type of drugged up energy he use to have with his old shows

    • tututhebadboy

      I think you forgot he was in his 40s with that statement. Why would you expect the same energy if you already know he’s aged?.. Its not like the music is off.. its just not 2003 anymore. Hell fans in the crowd that went to them older shows don’t even cheer with the same energy they used too. Thats the same for every Vet in the game.. Jay, Ye, Wayne.. all of them are older but they still fill stands & keep them younger crowds moving.

      • GreenBergs

        em is diff. he really aint keeping the younger crowds moving at all, its just cuz hes known for his old shit, this tour with rihanna is pretty much irrelevant, dude does 4 shows every tour, he became what i hated in every aspect…marshall is a fucking joke.

        • jbthudd

          the fact that he does only four shows compared to your favorite rappers forty and STILL manages to out sell and out gross them in revenue speaks volumes.

        • tututhebadboy

          Yea.. you’re a troll, I can tell. You talking that bullshit. Firstly, his last album went platinum faster than most of todays favorites. & is 2x platinum.. His tour with Rihanna isn’t irrelevant because it hasn’t started yet Soo, you’re selling him short for??.. He’s a top 10/20 All-time so you’re a fucking joke for even being here talking like that. He didn’t become anything you hated…you’ve just BEEN a hater & jumped on him cuz of this classic ass Lallapalooza news. Take that troll shit to Worldstar or something.

          • GreenBergs

            Facts* not troll shit fuckboy, just cuz its not what people like you want to hear..

          • tututhebadboy

            Im not a big Em fan.. Im just honest. Where are you’re facts exactly?.. Pussy..

          • GreenBergs

            lmao, no one likes eminems new album or any of his new shit with royce or skylar grey, its all a facade payed for by jimmy iovine and multiple other sources, fuck you and im done responding to you or any pr damage control agents..

          • tututhebadboy

            Yea, troll just like I said. No facts.. just a hater mad cuz Em aint the same guy from 10 fuckin yrs ago. Niggas like you are pitiful fans.. bandwagon ass nigga mad cuz a nigga raps about new shit & you dnt know how to take it, so its whack all of a sudden. Open you’re mind bra, of coarse its paid for by Jimmy iovine, like it always has been. If you been hated Em why did you even click the jump for this link?.. To hate like I said, cuz thats what trolls do. Plz don’t respond & take that shit to Worldstar, plz.

          • GreenBergs

            “Look at me King”.. who you working for?? Lmao

          • tututhebadboy

            Yea, thats right.. be corny & avoid that shit. “You fool ass, Disloyal, Bitch-made Punk”.. lmao

        • disqus_5cf9fQAd3l

          Damn thats a cold statement to make about the #1 selling rapper.
          Im curious…..Who, in your opinion is not washed up or irrelevant?

          • GreenBergs

            Uhm for one kanye/jay z , and I’m not even big fans of them, it’s facts

          • disqus_5cf9fQAd3l

            I like them too.

            Do u think that Jay z and Kanye, in 2015 (not 2014) would go on tour or do a whole album with Eminem if he was down for it?

          • GreenBergs

            Whoever you may be, I swear that might be the one thing that could save his career..

          • disqus_5cf9fQAd3l

            Thats interesting to say: “Save his career”.
            That sounds like Em just aint shit. Lol….

            But dude can sell out any arena, anywhere in the world just as fast or faster than Jay or Kanye. And neither of those cats have sold as many records as him. Not by a long shot.

            And how far fetched is it to say that Em’s next album will debut at number one?

          • GreenBergs

            U do realize that its not farfetched because jimmy the devil iovine purchases and handles all of these things, album sales, shows, promotion, etc its all bullshiit not one person I know actually cares bout eminem except a kid whose friends with a rapper in the industry whose group is supremely wack..

          • disqus_5cf9fQAd3l


            We’re all entitled to our opinion. Maybe Jimmy does what u say he does. I personally dont know.
            But I’d like u to do me this favor: When Em goes out on tour, check to see if the whole thing sells out in a few hours. None of your friends will be there, and neither will I, but is a sold out tour bullshit?

            Is Jimmy buying all of those concert tickets?

        • Chronic

          He does 4 shows because he’s scared he’ll fall back into old habits and start doing drugs again…rock groups have broken up or done short tours over shit like that for decades.

  • Peekay

    you Lose with the spelling, Homie.

  • Fistacuffs


  • Public Hairs

    I really need Outkast to not do these festivals with 100 other acts I don’t care to see. Just give me a strictly Outkast concert.

    • tututhebadboy

      SERIOUSLY. I really truly hope these festivals are just practice for a big ass tour..

  • Reality

    Eminem is literally the best live rap performer that any of us have ever seen & it isn’t even close. Go check out a show or watch a DVD. He sounds so good & has ridiculous energy.

    No one is checking for him? All 6 shows sold out in 15 mins & Fri at Lolla sold out in 5. Not quite sure what people are basing that on?

    People only care about his old shit & he’s irrelevant? Has anyone even mentioned Outkast? Let’s be honest…if you wanna talk about irrelevant? The hell was the last song those 2 even put out for shit sakes?

  • Sedated

    EMINEM is the biggest rapper in history. The biggest artist at Lolla. EM owns all. The dude is a legend. And shuts sheet down EVERY TIME.

  • Ten Radius

    What is happening to all of you? What are you all up to?? All of you have unknown feelings, all of you are very emotional. All of you are very impatient when in fact Yelawolf, Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly is an ongoing project and all of you are acting like you don’t know what it’s like to be updated all the time during a continuous unfinished work!!