New Music: Puff Daddy Ft. Rick Ross x French Montana “Big Homie”

big homie

Coming For 700%

Diddy’s back on his Puff Daddy shit with his new solo album, MMM (Money Making Mitch). And after a few leaks, he officially rolls out the first single. At least the title is good. Cop it on iTunes here. Video coming soon.


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  • Ray

    Should’ve called this “MMG” cause this is basically that MMG sound. Not bad, but not great either. RR’s Bg Homie should make this his new anthem tho. ha!

    • waka flacka sound. He started this…

      • Truth

        There were other niggas that did it better tho that boy waka finished

      • ShitYouNeedToKnow

        You mean dat nigga lex luger?

        • Yeah word, Lex Lugar! Producers don’t get no credit no days. I feel guilty for even giving waka that one. smh

  • PhilLee8

    So glad this sound is Dying out.

  • Peekay

    hate this guy…not Big Homie

  • spliffniticity

    Basically anyone that hates on this should hate on rick ross.. he obviously wrote it and its horrible. and thats who you rep like your big homie

    • hands

      nah it was obviously written by french who only does ad libs on it. that’s his flow.

  • Kev

    This fuckin NY rapper (if you call Puff a NY rapper) on trap beats need to go.. Shits played out

  • Jeremy Conley

    MMM, Money Making Mitch? Im missing a reference or does that sound dumb.

    • eastpointvet

      paid in full mitch

  • Money22

    Dis should be a free mixtape joint not itunes single. But I do gotta say shit sound better than anything 50 dropping now and MMM will be better than Animal Wale Ambition Period

    • Vadit Bolinger

      Diddy you still mad at 50 for posting that picture of wearing pink hugged up with Mr. Stoute?

      • MMG Suede

        shut up look at your own life for a sec

  • kushkidbigg

    The title of the album is a pun. Only the enlightened will know what I mean. Wake up.

    • GetReal

      please enlighten me

    • J

      Mitch Lls male bitch

  • MMG Suede

    RRROOOZAAAYYY I make my bitchxs traffic dope!!

    • max

      traffic twinkies u mean!! fuck boy!!! hop off the COs dick

  • Get Moneynigga

    How this bitch ass nigga the “big homie” nigga pleez! U a snake ass nigga.PUFFY? Get the fuck outta here with this bullshit! Nigga didn’t do shit when BIG GOT KILLED.BIG HOMIES GET SHIT DONE.He ONLY RICH OFF BIGGIE’s DEATH.BAD BOY pos’d to been OVER in 97′ when BIG DIED but this SNAKE ASS NIGGA manage to capitalize off his death unlike SUGE KNIGHT who went to jail after TUPAC DIED.PUFFY A BITCH ASS NIGGA.RICK ROSS JUST A FAKE ASS BIGGIE.

    • MMG Suede

      Y. So. emotional. Life can be taken at anytime. Enjoy it my brother #MASTERMIND

  • MannyThoughts

    How you going to try to apply the 700% line to this? Lol Big Homie isn’t exactly trademarkable hahaha


    Puffy still tryna make this fraudulent nigga B.I.G.? Fuck outta here man.
    Your shit is played out

  • Ocho

    seems like Diddy is gonna take a different approach than his last few solo albums… he hasn’t made a real rap album since no way out really… should be interesting

    • Ocho

      and I like this track…lol


    this shit sucks

  • EricHeisenberg

    this is okay, nothing to really comment. Other than I am still the most intellectual person on this RapRadar comment section. For this track, it lacks real consistency and effort. When I mean effort I don’t mean effortless in a good way, these three individuals have lost their way into what is hot music. Big Homie as a record is recorded for the ones who only get internet connection at the local library and that means for the broke.

    I really thought they had something here but to their demise it was a miss. This my friend is bi-nine.

  • NightBlazer

    Reasons why we don’t need a new Diddy album:

    1. French Montana is the exec. producer (wtf this nigga sucks, fail)

    2. Diddy dont even write his own verses, it’s practically a comp. with ghost writers

    3. Bad Boys fell the fuck off since the 90s. His new squad is trash

  • LP1087

    This is not only a New Yorker but a know trendsetter….. still sad to hear him out here like this

    • MMG Pleather

      trendsetter? i think you mean trend follower….

  • Dwight Stewart

    This is horrible, even from Ross.

  • Xzibit

    “You can go to any gay bar, bet they know me,”