New Video: Machine Gun Kelly “State Of Mind”

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Back in his Cleveland hometown, Machine Gun Kelly lets off steam in his new motion picture. On the track, MGK laments about being underrated. Seems justifiable. Listen up, as he pleads his case.

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  • PMP

    hope this video’s a joke …..hahahhahahahah….

  • ShitYouNeedToKnow

    Reposted this garbage?

    • Tanya

      There are many who wants to be inside the workplace where Steph becomes Eminem, most importantly the specific rooms where Steph sings as Eminem with LIVE on camera and on record because they want to see if Steph is being discriminated with opportunity, example if the room is ugly. Then someone spoke about the room where Machine Gun Kelly works and they said its a garbage because they already know what the room looks like, and they said it’s not a real work place like Eminem’s rooms. It means they don’t believe that Steph’s work and Josh’s work is not real, and it is embarrassing but actually dis honoring because everyone knows the two. They can’t accept the fact that it looks not grand at all as the two deserves rightfully deserves. Everyone somewhere out there and these are the people who wants to go inside rooms, wants to make decisions that the projects of the two should be trashed and they want all the file to be sure it’s a garbage so that there won’t be any file anywhere and no one should have a copy of the file. For me, I know this because I can hear everyone’s side, and for me I know the work of the two, and my side is, I completely understand everyone’s concern, because of course for all reason’s sake I know. And since I am the one holding

      • Tanya

        And since I am the one holding these two projects, I know the work is real. Everyone is just concerned for the two because everyone knows that the two is working for a very long time already, and thankfully being paid, but, the final outcome file hasn’t been showed anywhere and it’s been very long of a time already that there’s no finished work file being viewed by anyone. So maybe and just maybe, the work of the two is not at all successful that it didn’t made it to the final results, so they are hopeful that there won’t be any damaging anywhere in the technical expenses on the part of the workplace if the workplace has dignity given that it’s privacy is obvious, and everyone wants to pay fee but have the two untouchable because everyone loves the two, and to avoid dishonor so everyone should make decisions unanimously in confidentiality. For me, there’s no problem because I am holding the projects. So don’t worry. And I very much appreciate everyone.

  • alexgt

    trash. this douche is a fucking tool. no one believes him. fuckin embarassing

  • M.A.T.

    It’s hard to take him serious, because when he tries to act hard it just comes off really corny to me. That and it’s not believable. Just my opinion…


    Trying too hard to be black

  • theonewiththepreciousjewels

    kells is dope. yall aint got shit

    • Kells

      I have many jewelry, and everything that matches with it… : )

  • Tanya

    I have Queenrubbershoes. I am laced up.

  • Tanya

    I’m dope. I’m gonna holla at ya’ll. beastie boys are here. I’m surrounded with yelawolf…everything is here around my apartment building all are my neighboring suite doors in my floor, and upper floor, and lower floor level.