New Video: Game Ft. Ty Dolla $ign x Nipsey Hussle “Same Hoes”

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From beyond the grave, Nate Dogg’s words have never been truer. And with Mustard on the beat, Game, Nipsey, and Ty Dolla divulge on their reoccurring encounters. Hoes just want to have fun.

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  • Real Talk (Amazing Dude)

    game doing what he does best copying other people and hopping on current trends

    • This Nigga Washed

      LMAO I literally was about to comment the same thing….salute

    • It’s Just Music

      so does every successful and relevant artist in music, welcome to reality!

    • Mike Fressh

      Pleeez. You trippin. Game will murk niggaz on the mic.all day erday!! Respect the skillz.

  • DAP


  • Non Fiction Dixon

    Game got a hit they playing this shit in cali and atlanta!

  • Dwight Stewart

    didnt he make this song years ago with kanye?

  • Belize

    this my fav song on the album….Nips kilt it

  • Belize

    this my fav song on the album….Nips kilt it

  • NovaKaine
  • windycityg72

    this song is extra boring and lazy.

  • Rumando

    This song should be Ty Dolla Sign featuring Game because this song is not his style. He seems to be trying to stay relevant by just getting on the radio and riding others coattails in which Game doesn’t have to because he’s so talented. He just needs a dope west coast producer and do his thing but I will pass on this

  • this is just a YG song without YG

  • The Incredible Creation

    never even gonna press play because i’m sure this video contains “the same ol’ shit” as just about every other rap video being shown these days…. -_- — correct me if i’m wrong lol

  • kanye west

    can someone please explain how a bitch can have two abortions in a week. oh yeah nip killed.

  • Geez

    Game is supertaleneted. Even if he does imitate other styles he does in such a good way. Listen to OKE shits dope, and he was here for the last 10 years, stop hatin you cowards.