VH1 The Fabulous Life: Beyonce & Jay Z


Stunting To The Max.

VH1 continued their The Fabulous Life season with Bey and Hov last night. Estimated at net worth at $775 million, we get a glimpse of the everyday life of Hip-Hop’s power couple.


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  • Darth Plagueis

    Hov won.

    • Davey Allen

      nov always wins

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart


  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    I can’t watch this kind of programming , its trash. I don’t care how much money you got, where is the art? peace.

    • marty mcfly

      Reasonable Doubt
      In My Lifetime
      Hard Knock Life
      Life And Times Of S. Carter
      The Dynasty
      The Blueprint
      The Blueprint 2
      The Black Album
      Kingdom Come
      American Gangster
      The Blueprint 3
      Magna Carta Holy Grail

      There’s the art right there.

      • Bootney Lee Farnsworth


    • charla-GAYme

      but he told Mr Drizzy he sorry for so much art talk… ? That’s where the art is…

  • Jav

    Well you don’t say.

  • I dun’t get it, Beyonceé is beautiful while Jay-Z is ugly and unmanly (wearin’ skirts, gay vocal and gestures, etc.). fuck Gay-Z% fuck his delusional wife!. fuck Roc Nation! YMCMB is da best label. swag

    • LuckyP

      Yeah, you’re definitely a disgruntled rap nigga LMAOOOOO

    • theone1

      your lack of brain is so amazing you should be in some type of zoo…they should test your mothers vagina to see where the problem started from

      • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

        lmao, ouch that’s a little harsh.

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      That’s why your broke…you don’t get it.

  • Dondata

    We live in such a materialistic culture.

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      true, but Jayz and beyonce didnt produce this show. Vh1 took this upon themselves.

  • knox

    i really doubt Blue Ivy has a mini bugatti and ferrari… they’re rich but i don’t think they’re that type of parents

    • OgSnowflake187

      he bought her a 660k gold rocking horse 2 days after she creeped out the vagina…..i really doubt u have any idea what your talking about

    • OgSnowflake187

      he bought her a 660k gold rocking horse 2 days after she creeped out the vagina…..i really doubt u have any idea what your talking about

  • Biff

    Back on dick. In one swift move.

    • Everybody


  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    Damn their net worth is $775 million. That means they’re are probably grossing in the billions.

    • PTK

      -_- no it doesn’t

    • PTK

      -_- no it doesn’t

  • Minja Pun

    Illuminati comments in 5,4,3,2,1…Personally, I love to see black people win.

  • shaolinmaster

    Nas said it best…fuck Gay-Z

  • Ricky

    love jay and bey
    but who the fuck cares about this shit

  • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

    Marcy in this bitch!

  • Dennis


  • Dennis

    They way they cut to Jay and Bee to reaffirm everything is just funny…(trash tv at its best)

  • The Incredible Creation
  • postmoremusiclesstrash

    reportedly…sources say….it’s said that blah blah blah none of this is real reporting and where is the music? Why is this on rapradar? Watching this was so disgusting to me.

  • John Jay

    Better watch that than my brothers handcuffed in “Cops”

  • theone1

    i keep saying this hov and B got it but they dont flaunt it like that………why you think you have never seen jay on mtv cribs. you never saw his weeding you have dude may rap about it but he wont flaunt it like that.