Kanye West Checks In & Out Of Jail

kanye sxsw

Guilt Trip.

Mr. West has plead no contest in his misdemeanor battery assault with a photographer at LAX back in July.

Today, he accepted a plea and has been ordered to pay for the photographer’s equipment and medical bills. The judge gave Yeezus 2 years probation, 250 hours of community service, 4 anger management sessions and a day in jail. Bound.

UPDATE: Wowzers, that was quick. TMZ reports, Yeezus reported to the slammer for less than an hour yesterday. After his mug shot and fingerprints were taken, he was released.

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  • Paddy

    anger management sessions.. if anything thats gonna make the dude more angry

    • Dashing28

      Kanye in Anger management session. “ME?!?!?! TOO AGGRESSIVE?!?”

  • Ocho

    a day in jail?.. really? smh

  • Paddy

    Seems like somebody’s targeting Ye. Rosenberg might have been right…

    • Chronic

      Ain’t nobody targeting kanye…dude has just gone off the deep end and finally snapped

      • KushGang

        Nope, not buyin it. Rosenberg was actually right this time. Wow.

      • drewsmit24

        Deep end? You aint never know a true crazy person…smh

        • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

          ummmm naw he’s a little borderline, even for Kanye. he needs to sit and have some quiet time.

          • Snake

            NO! He doesn’t! And Chronic needs to shut the fuck up!

      • shipwreckdakota

        Snapped? Dude didn’t fucking do anything. Photog faked that shit. Watch the video man.

        • SPAC36ODD

          People saying he’s snapped are tripping. I’m sure if a group of people were constantly in your face, blocking your walking area trying to capture pictures of you, NOT FANS, just photographers, you’d be irritated too.

          And that dude fell down, laid there, and was rolled out on a fucking stretcher. He dropped his own camera trying to make Kanye stay put for a picture.

          They’re disrespectful, and just want his money. But that’s fine, he’ll just keep making more.

  • truth

    no jail time. just probation, community service and anger managment

  • cA

    It’s like they required all of this KNOWING there’s a high probability that he will violate these stipulations. SMH let the man live…

    • Angel

      Right. If he can get away from all the leeches and confused admirers, he’ll be fine. Jesus Walks. Amen.

  • Jinx


  • JesusWalks

    Yo son Rosenberg said some real shit in that interview. FREE KANYE!

  • ₭i₦₲ ₵$₡

    SMH. Kanye West was it worth it?

  • Carlos Danger

    free my nigga yeezus..hey at least he didn’t cost him much like the other case..they send me to jail for a day it was hell i was counting my days in my cell.

    • Harlem’sFinest

      Them rhymes is corny b. Quit rapping nigga.
      “Fuckin wit more keys than a janitor”

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      Let that nigga sit for a couple hours and clear his head. Too much things going on at once in that mind of his… sending him Uncle Russ’ new meditation book.

  • Don

    Well obviously they want to make an example out of the famous guy that breaks peoples cameras.

  • BreakfastClub

    FREE KANYE!!!!

  • stephenasmith

    what is this rosenberg interview we speak of?

  • blackbeltbreeze


    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      FREE???? its an overnight visit. let him sit and clear his head. next time he’ll practice some self control.

      • Snake

        Shut up!

  • HeyBuddy

    I could see Kanye getting into an argument with the counselor saying: “you don’t have the answers!!!!!!!”

  • NativeKing

    he didn’t get ANY jail time…rap radar slippin’

  • Clayton Bigsby


  • truth

    it’s pathetic that credible sources are posting false information. he didn’t get any jail time. fix the post to the facts, big homie

  • Novakaine

    Kanye finna come out like he did hard time a whole episode on keeping up with the kardashions dedicated to it tears and breakdowns yeezy need a few more anger management classes

  • Kevin Banks

    So what did the kid get?

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    Hopefully they find the dirtiest jail for him to spend his day. OG could use a little humbling. The God complex got a legend going a tiny bit loony.

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    imagine the look on the officers face when Kanye hands him his skirt.

    • Michael Ibbett


  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart


  • jsmooth

    I bet the judge was white and so was the camera dude. Thats racist.

  • Fiyah

    What medical bills? Kanye didn’t even touch the guy, he shouldn’t have any medical bills.

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    hopefully he sits in jail and reads Russel Simmons book.

  • GreenBergs

    lol a day in jail, dude gnna be begging for more..

  • International J

    A wise man once told me don’t be a part of defending ignorance! Kanye IS going off the deep end and all Yall Kanye supporters, if you really love him Yall would recognize that ish! Stop supporting blacks that make us look bad (kanye, weezy, Chris brown) and start celebrating the ones that inspire and that you would actually want your kids to learn from! (Big boi, common, and even corny ass nick cannon) I don’t want my son to think that if photos are in his face you should flip! Raise Yall standards!