Nardwuar vs. Bushwick Bill


Tricks On You.

Continuing his SXSW excursion, Nardwuar ran up on Bushwick Bill. During their interview, Bill reflected on the Geto Boys’ early days including past work, his previous job, graffiti hobby and more.

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  • ggogins


  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    Love these type of MC’s , see how Knowledgeable this guy is … WHERE ARE THESE ARTIST TODAY????

  • Goat

    The God Bushwick Bill dropping jewels

  • BeReal

    This dude just told the story of how he was in the morgue dead, woke up pissed on a cop. The technician and the cop ran out of the room. If thats not the craziest story. can only imagin what was goin through those two dudes minds like they must have been scared as shit like he was a ghost. This dude came back from the dead wow. Good to see it seems hes got his life together now.